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Felt Fabric

Felt Fabric

Felt Fabric

Felt fabric is one of the most popular materials for both crafters and expert textile artists alike. This hardy fabric can stand up to being washed, glued, and stitched. Since it’s available in a wide variety of colours, felt is a great choice for creating customised gifts and crafts. The next time you're thinking up a project, try out felt fabric for a soft but durable craft.


What kind of material is felt? This non-woven textile is most popularly sold as a sheet of stiff fabric. Traditionally made by washing and compressing together layers of sheep's wool, the fibers interlock to create a textile that is thick, strong, warm, and a little bit fuzzy. Now you can find varieties of felt made from synthetic and even recycled fibers.


What is felt used for? Stiff felt sheets are incredibly versatile and can be used in place of just about any rigid fabric. Try swapping it in for other material while making boxes, bags, coin purses or even pencil organizers. Crafters and artists love it for creating plush objects like toys and pillows. Since it is made from natural wool fiber, it can handle being washed, it is sewable, and it can even be glued, which makes it great for artists of all skill levels. It's also great for home decor, and is a popular choice for holiday decorations, pennants, and even additions to wreaths.


What type is best for crafts? There are a number of different products available to suit the needs of your project. Adhesive felt comes with an adhesive backing and a peel-away protective layer. This material is great for beginners or those who are working with kids, since there is no gluing or stitching required. Just cut out the shape you'd like, peel away the backing and stick it to another surface.


Whether you are making a simple pillow or stitching together a work of art, this fun fabric is a great starting point for your next DIY craft. Get sets with a wide variety of colours and numbers of sheets. Keep it simple by picking out the adhesive-backed variety, and make your own unique plushy stickers. Whatever your idea is, this stuff is sure to be a great option for your next project.


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