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Fabric Markers

Fabric Markers

Fabric Markers

Fabric markers can be used for many different fun and creative projects. You can make beautiful designs on tea towels, create a special design on a shirt, write a meaningful saying on a pillow, or draw unique designs on your shoes. Personalising projects with fabric markers is fun and is one of the easier ways to let your creativity shine! The best fabric markers have dual tips for different applications, so be on the lookout for these. For example, a chisel tip is often used for calligraphy or letter art and a fine tip marker is often used for detailed designs. Many projects require the need for both, so having a dual tip marker is a smart way to go. If you haven’t used a fabric marker pen yet, learn more about these awesome tools below.


What are fabric markers? Fabric markers are markers that are made to be used specifically on fabric. Unlike washable markers, they have permanent ink. Also, unlike permanent markers made for paper, they are made to move smoothly along fabric to keep a constant pen stroke. They come in many different colours (not just black) and as mentioned above you can buy them with different tip styles to create various looks for your unique projects.


Where can I buy fabric markers? You can buy fabric markers from many different websites and brick and mortar stores but Arteza Fabric Markers are five-star rated and come at an affordable price with free shipping and a 30 Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our markers are also non-toxic so they can be used by crafters of all ages. To quickly find the fabric markers we offer, simply type “fabric markers” in our search bar on to view the different options available for your next project.


Can fabric markers be washed? Yes! Fabric markers have permanent ink that have non-fading colour. We recommend washing your creations in cold water for long-lasting results.


These markers come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect shade for the project you’re working on. You can even pair them with 3D fabric paint or regular fabric paint to create even more eye-catching effects. Now, what will your clothes say about you?


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