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Drawing Supplies

Drawing Supplies

Drawing Supplies

Get ready to make something amazing with drawing and sketching supplies. If pencils and pens are the tools of your trade, then you’ll love our wide selection. Having good quality drawing and sketching supplies is important so you can create your best art. Your creations deserve a good surface to look their best on, so grab a high-quality sketchbook or drawing pad while you’re shopping for drawing tools. Whether you enjoy creating on-the-go or in your home, we have the supplies you’ll need to finish your projects. Explore our collection and add some new supplies to your collection.


What supplies do you need for sketching? If you want to sketch, you may want to start with the following supplies:

Pencils (traditional or mechanical)



A pencil sharpener

A nice sketchbook

Depending on what you’re looking to create you may want other supplies like rulers, pencils with different hardnesses of graphite and more.


Which type of pencil is best for sketching? In general, it’s good to start with a medium hardness pencil like a HB pencil because they’re easy to erase and won’t leave behind too much graphite on the paper. However, if you’re working on different types of artwork like watercolour, you may want pencils with harder or softer graphite. Mechanical pencils are also an option if you like a crisp line as you work.


Which paper is best for sketching? You’ll want a paper that’s around 75-90 gsm that either has a light texture or is completely smooth. In general, you’ll want to look for a paper that’s thick enough for you to erase and correct any mistakes without easily tearing. You can also use heavyweight paper, it’s just not necessary if you’re creating a sketch or drawing using completely dry media.

Sketching and drawing is a great way to practice your skills and keep your mind thinking creatively. With a few simple supplies, you’ll be able to sketch whenever and wherever you’d like. Pick out the perfect sketchbook for your creations and go wild with some new pens and pencils while you’re at it. Check out our unbeatable range of sketching supplies and pick up what you need.