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Highlighters, Wide Chisel Tip, Orange - 64 Pack

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  • Convenient Bulk Set - Restock your home, office, or classroom with this large pack of 64 premium orange highlighters
  • Smudge-Free Application - Make your notes stand out with bright, quick-drying ink that won't smudge or smear
  • Write Bold Lines - The wide chisel tips allow you to highlight bigger fonts and larger areas of text
  • AP Certified Non-Toxic - These durable highlighters are non-toxic and safe for both students and adults

This bulk pack of 64 will keep you stocked with orange highlighters for every occasion. They’re the perfect tools for highlighting large fonts or lots of text in your books, paperwork, or notes. Keep them around for your whole class or office, you’ll have plenty for everyone. You can also use them on a wide range of papers like notebook paper or regular printer paper. The bright orange colour will catch your attention every time you skim or glance at your notes. 


Each marker features smudge-free ink that can highlight over pen, pencil, and other printed materials. Use them to colour-code your notes and emphasise the most important points on paperwork. Even if you’re highlighting over handwritten notes, the quick-drying ink will ensure that your writing is clear and legible. Mark up your uni notes, brainstorm ideas for your class project, or catch all the key points in your important document - the bright colour will make your information stand out from the page.


Make your notes and projects stand out with our Orange Wide Chisel Tip Highlighters Set of 64. Never worry about ruining essential documents or notes with our non-toxic, fast-drying and smudge-free highlighter ink. Grab this set of highlights for your classroom, office or event space to stay prepared. Increase productivity and organisation by adding this Orange Wide Chisel Tip Highlighters Set of 64 to your cart today! 

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