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Clip Sketch & Draw Board, 13” x 17”



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  • Sturdy Surface - Ideal for creatives that work on the go, from bed, or from the comfort of their couch 
  • Lightweight - So you can take this clipboard with you wherever you go
  • Sized Perfectly - Measuring 13” x 17”, to ensure all of your documents fit comfortably 
  • Comfortable Handle - This sketchboard set includes 1 sketchboard and 3 rubber bands 


Whether you identify as an artist or not, you deserve a quality Sketchboard. Our premium clipboard provides writers, artists, and really anyone in need of a flat surface with a sturdy surface to lean on. Sketch tote boards come in use when you’re relaxing on your sofa or bed and can’t be bothered to sit up at a table or desk. Alternatively, they’re great for any on the go work that needs to be handled. 


Ensure that you always have a reliable flat surface to lean on by investing in this affordable Sketch board! Our Sketch board measures 13” x 17”, providing you with plenty of room to write, doodle, draw, sketch, collage, color, and journal. Sketchboard are also perfect for creating a scrapbook or vision board! This versatile clipboard can be used in countless ways. 


Ensure that you always have a flat surface nearby by upgrading to our Sketchboard. This professional-grade clipboard is ideal for a wide variety of settings, including: camps, schools, colleges, dorm rooms, waiting rooms, offices, businesses, and homes. Make working from home and taking classes remotely even easier by securing yourself this Sketchboard! 


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