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3D Fabric Paint, Vibrant Colours- Set of 60



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  • 60 Vibrant Colours - Featuring classic colours and more rare shades, so you can create artwork with a diverse, yet cohesive colour palette 
  • Fabric Paints - Perfect for craft projects, furniture, textiles, and customizing your wardrobe, one fun and colorful design at a time
  • Permanent Paints - Won’t wash off after repeated washes; paints are designed to permanently stain your fabrics 
  • Tips Included - A scannable QR Code brings you to helpful tips for folding your own framed painting canvases 
  • 100% Non-Toxic - AP-certified non-toxic paints 

Add permanent artistic touches to your backpacks, book bags and wardrobe with our 3D Fabric Paint Set of 60. This diverse set of fabric paints features nearly every colour imaginable so you can create designs that feature a wide range of colours. Our textile paints come in bottles with lower and fatter tips so you can easily create the precise lines you desire. 

 Our 3D fabric paints provide you with a delightful rainy day activity to do alone, with friends, roommates or family members. Craft one of a kind clothing items with the 60 permanent 3D fabric paints that fill this budget-friendly, professional-grade set. 


Painting doesn’t always have to be done on a canvas or paper, painting on old clothes is a viable option. Canvases can be expensive, instead cut up an old pair of jeans to create a few dozen small scale canvases to paint, using your new set of fabric paints. Think outside the box when painting by investing in this budget-friendly, dynamic set of 60 3D Fabric Paints.

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