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Canvas Panels

Canvas Panels

Canvas Panels

If you’re constantly painting and creating beautiful artwork, bulk canvas panels are the perfect way to keep your studio stocked. The panels are pre-primed, acid-free, and are wrapped in 100% cotton canvas so you’ll get a quality surface to create on. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Buying canvas boards in bulk prevents you from running out of surfaces and can help you save. Whether you’re pouring paint, applying oils or acrylics or creating a mixed media collage, you should explore the selection of bulk canvas panels to suit your needs.


How many panels are in canvas packs? You can find packages of 14 as well as those of 28 panels. For people who really want to stock up or have a special project, a 56-pack may be the answer. Teachers and art organisations might especially want to consider the 56-pack set of canvas.


What sizes might be in the pack? You can order a group of 15.2 x 15.2 cm, 20.3 x 20.3 cm, 27.9 x 35.6 cm and other sizes. For those painters who like to have a variety of sizes available for a range of paintings, a multi-size pack is a great choice. Canvases can be ordered in black or white colours.


How can the finished painted panel of canvas be framed? You can frame them in a floating frame or mount them inside a custom frame. Since panels are thinner than the traditional stretched canvas, some frames may be able to accommodate the thickness of the panel. Metal frames can have spacers to help secure the panel. With a floater frame, you might have to glue wood blocks to the back of the panel. The frame you choose should come with directions for how to attach your panel to the back.


These lightweight and durable surfaces are perfect for painting on the go or artists who simply don’t have room for more stretched canvases. They’re also affordable and can even be used to practice creating a piece on a panel before recreating the full-sized piece on a stretched canvas. These have the same textured and gessoed surface as most stretched canvases which is why so many artists choose to use them over and over again. Get ready to be productive and have fun creating beautiful artwork on a canvas panel. 


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