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Wood Panels, 25.4cm x 25.4cm - Pack of 5

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  • For a Variety of Media - Perfect for oil painting, encaustic art, acrylic pouring, wood-burning, and mixed media
  • Smooth Surface - Smooth, 5mm-thick surface (with a 3.8 cm profile) that allows the paint to adhere well; suitable for impasto techniques and collages
  • Convenient Bulk Pack - Enjoy a bulk pack of wood panels that are uniform in size; create multi-piece wall art or work on different projects simultaneously
  • Sturdy Cradled Panels - Each birchwood board has a strong pine cradle that provides you with a sturdy surface to work with; great for mounting and displaying your pieces


Upgrade your current art surface, and try out our Wood Panels Pack of 5 to see how amazing working with this surface can be. Each 25.4 x 25.4 cm wood panel has a 3.8 cm profile, which is great for creating individual pieces and art installments. Each wood panel is composed of natural birchwood and has sanded edges making these wood panels sturdy and able to handle multiple layers of your chosen medium. 


Our versatile Wood Panels Pack of 5 are ideal for oil painting, acrylic pouring, mixed media, and wood burning. Crafters of all kinds can also enjoy these quality wood panels whether you’d like to use these for decoupage, string art, or even reversing them to create a picture frame!  All these boards need are your imagination to create beautiful projects. With this convenient pack of 5, you’ll have plenty of panels to work with.


Transform these premium Wood Panels Pack of 5 into unique works of art, and be amazed at the countless ways you can use these wood panels. Artists of all kinds and experience will be able to use these wood panels with ease and enjoyment. Secure your Wood Panels Pack of 5 today, and see how these marvellous wood panels can become your canvas of choice!

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