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Hexagon Stretched Canvas,15.24cm Sides - Pack of 9



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  • Unique Shape - Your artwork is sure to stand out when you’re working on our hexagon-shaped, stretched canvases
  • 100% Cotton Surface - Optimal for creating with tempera, oil, acrylic, gouache, and pouring paints, as well as painting markers
  • Pre-Primed Canvas - The canvas is pre-primed with acid-free, acrylic gesso
  • Non-Toxic Canvas - Our stretched canvases are AP-certified non-toxic

Size Information:

  • Height: 10.1" (25.9 cm)
  • Diameter: 12" (30.4 cm)
  • Profile: 0.6" (1.6 cm)
  • Side: 6" (15.24 cm)


Paint with the comfort of knowing you’re working on a pre-primed, 100% cotton surface, with our Hexagon Stretched Canvas. Each canvas features a 30.4cm diameter. The pre-primed cotton surface of our hexagon canvas is ideal for wet and dry media. Create with painting markers, charcoals, tempera paints, gouaches, oils, acrylics, and pouring paints on our Hexagon Stretched Canvas. 


Regardless of your artistic background (or lack thereof), you deserve quality canvases. Our hexagon-shaped, stretched canvases are built to last! Each canvas features the perfect texture for paint to adhere to effortlessly.  Paint like a professional, with our Hexagon Stretched Canvases!


Shake things up this summer, by switching to our Hexagon Stretched Canvases! Whether you’re perfecting your painting or collaging skills, this is the perfect canvas for you. Create works of art that really stand-out beside a traditional square or rectangle-shaped canvas, by upgrading to our Hexagon Stretched Canvases today!

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