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Produce countless paintings on our well-crafted canvases! Our ready to paint canvases are ideal for artists of all ages and backgrounds. Since our canvas boards and stretched canvases are completely non-toxic, they’re suitable for all visual artists. Our wide selection of canvases includes small canvases, canvas panels, round canvases, triangle painting canvases, and even hexagon canvases. If you always work with rectangular and square canvases, try shaking things up by grabbing one of our uniquely shaped canvases. 


How are Arteza’s canvases ready to paint? Our stretched canvases and canvas panels are each pre-primed with three coats of acid-free titanium acrylic gesso. The pre-primed smooth surfaces of our canvases makes them ideal for wet, dry, and mixed media. Use tempera, acrylic, gouache, oil, pouring, or crafts paints on the surfaces of our well-crafted canvases. 


What are some of the unique canvas sets Arteza offers? 

- Round Stretched Canvas—Optimal for portraits of flowers, animals, or people. Our round stretched canvases can be used for a wide range of arts and crafts projects, as well as creating fine art. If you’ve never worked with a round canvas before, this is your calling! See our Round Stretched Canvas Pack of 8, Round Stretched Canvas Pack of 10, and Oval Canvas Pack of 6

- Black Canvases—Try something new by working on a black canvas as opposed to white with our black canvas panels sets. Black backgrounds provide a great contrast for pastels, metallics, and neon colours. Additionally, black backgrounds encourage artists to think outside of the box! See our 29 x 36 cm Black Canvas Panels Pack of 14, 23 x 30 cm Black Canvas Pack of 14, 30 x 30 cm Black Stretched Canvas Pack of 8

- Hexagon Stretched Canvas—This rare set of stretched canvases provides painters with a canvas unlike any other. Use this canvas for DIY or arts and crafts projects! See our Hexagon Stretched Canvas Pack of 9

- Triangle Painting Canvas—Our triangular canvases provide artists with a truly hard to come by canvas shape! Create geometric art or home decor with this versatile canvas shape. Available in Triangle Stretched Canvas Pack of 18, Triangle Stretched Canvas Pack of 10 and Triangle Stretched Canvas Pack of 12.

- Mixed Shape Canvas Big Multi-Pack—Try out all of the uncommon canvas shapes we offer with this multi-pack of a mixed variety of stretched canvases. This rare set includes round, oval, triangular, and hexagon shaped canvases, which are suitable for wet and dry media. See our Mixed Shape Canvas Big Multi-Pack Set of 10 and Mixed Shape Canvases Mini Multi-Pack of 20


Paint on canvases designed to deliver top-shelf quality results with any of our ready to paint canvases!