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Carry all of your art supplies comfortably, anywhere you go with Arteza’s Caddies. Our well-crafted caddies are built to last, and provide you with the support you need to carry your art supplies with ease. Caddies are useful for any artists looking to organise their supplies, as well as any artists who frequently travel with their art supplies. Make organising all of your go-to supplies easier by securing a caddy set that suits your needs. 


What can I use my caddy for? Our caddies are perfect for art supply storage. Fill your caddies up with your paint brushes, paints, pencils, markers, pens, erasers, glue sticks, and more! Adding our art supply caddies to your life will make creating in any environment easier and more organised. Invest in your craft by ordering one of our storage caddy sets today! 


Do I have to use my caddy for art supplies? You can use these versatile storage caddies for nearly anything imaginable! organise your bathroom counter, kitchen counter, nightstand, garage, gardening tools, makeup or skincare products, and more with our must-have, professional-grade storage caddies. 


Are Arteza’s Caddies suitable for classrooms? Add our storage caddies to your at-home or school classroom to keep your space organised! Our durable storage caddies make a great addition to any classroom, workspace, home-office, or business. Set yourself up for success by investing in a pack of our multipurpose, stackable, Storage Caddies. 

Keep all of your art supplies, accessories, cosmetic products, makeup brushes, or kitchen utensils organised with our multipurpose Storage Caddies. Whether you’re an artist looking for a home for your go-to art supplies, or a gardener looking to store all of your tools in one place, our versatile caddies are just what you need! Get one step closer to organising your supplies by ordering a pack of our Storage Caddies today.