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Body Art

Body Art

Body Art

Turn your normal look into artwork with Body art. You can use body paint, temporary tattoos, and face painting to change up ordinary looks and add a fun and creative vibe. Watch costumes turn into vivid characters when body paint is applied. Expressing yourself is effortless with a temporary tattoo. Face painting kits put together all the tools you need to execute the perfect design for your little ones face. Grab a set today and see how you can transform yourself into a character or piece of artwork with just a couple brush strokes.


What supplies do I need for face painting? To start face painting you will need face paint, brushes (a round and a flat brush are a good start), sponges, and a bowl of water. Stencils are another great tool to have for quick and easy designs. If you will be painting faces for children, glitter is exciting and gives that extra sparkle kids love!


How does body paint work? When preparing to apply body art paint (or other types of body paint art, i.e. body art tattoos, or UV face paint) it is best to start with freshly cleaned, dry skin. Do not apply lotions or oils before you apply the product because this will cause the product to not adhere to the skin well. Once your clean skin is dry, you can paint the face or body using brushes and/or sponges. The paint should be applied as smoothly and evenly as possible; water-based paints make this task an easy one. When it is time to take the paint off, if it is water-based, it should come off with soap and water with little or no scrubbing.


Is body paint safe for skin? Yes, non-toxic, water-based body paints are safe for skin. Water-based paints are generally even safe for sensitive skin because they wash off with soap and water with little scrubbing.


Body art can be an exciting and creative outlet for artists of all ages. There are bright choices like UV face paint that glows in blacklight, face painting kits that come with stencils to make designs easy, and temporary tattoos that can wash off easy or if you’d like, some can be enjoyed for a few days. To finish your look you can even add colour to your hair with temporary hair chalk. You can find easy-to-use hair chalk combs and hair chalk pens. Check out all of the supplies for body art and turn yourself into a canvas for creativity.

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