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Iridescent Pouring Acrylics, Nautical Tones - Set of 4



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  • Nautical Tones - Iridescent paints in the following nautical colours: Playful Pink, Rare Jade Green, Glittering Ocean Blue, and Lustrous Black 
  • Water-Based - Each bottle comes pre-mixed, saving you time, money and effort 
  • High-Flow Paints - You won’t have to fight to get our pouring paints to flow effortlessly on your canvas, wood, foam board, or painting paper

Create pour paintings that truly amaze your friends and family with this Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. Regardless of your artistic background (or lack thereof) you’ll leave feeling accomplished after working with our pre-mixed, pouring acrylic paints. Since our chameleon acrylic paints are non-toxic this makes a wonderful set for the entire family to enjoy together. 


This must-have, professional-grade, budget-friendly, high-flow acrylic paint set includes the following nautical tones: Lustrous Black, Playful Pink, Rare Jade Green and Glittering Ocean Blue. Adding such gorgeous shades to your pouring paint collection will only help you to elevate your craft! Find your way to peace of mind as you delve deeper into the wondrous world of pour painting. 


If you're new to working with pouring paints, there's no need to worry; we've got you covered! Explore your creative side like never before with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set! These stunning cool tones will sweep you away with their multi-dimensional appearance on canvases.  For truly eye-catching results, upgrade your next masterpiece with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set!

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