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Iridescent Pouring Acrylics, Enchanted Tones - Set of 4



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  • Iridescent Enchanted Tones - Includes 4 different vivid, colour-shifting shades of orange, red and black 
  • Pre-Mixed & Water-Based - Ready to pour, pre-mixed, pouring paint that comes with instructions and tips 
  • High Flow Paints - Simply shake the bottle, mix your colours in a cup, pour your paints and tilt your canvas back and forth to create a unique design 


Now is the perfect time to dive into a new medium and explore the magical world of pour paintings with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set of 4. This must-have pouring paint set will bring you to victory, painting after painting. Since our chameleon acrylic paints are pre-mixed, you can get straight to the fun part! Explore how black, yellow, orange and red collide with this Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. 


This Acrylic Pouring Paint Set truly sets you up for creative success, making it perfect for beginners. Our pouring paints make an excellent set for creatives of all backgrounds. Pouring paints are a unique and playful medium that artists of all disciplines should experiment with at least once in their lives.


Paint like never before with our Acrylic Pouring Paint Set of 4. Whether this is your first time using pouring paints, or you're looking to branch out by using different colours, these stunning shades will be sure to impress. If you've been looking for a sign to invest in a set of pouring paints, this is it; order your Acrylic Pouring Paint Set of 4 while supplies last!

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