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Iridescent Pouring Acrylics, Mystic Tones - Set of 4



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  • Brilliant Colours - Includes the following 4 beautiful tones: Fluorescent Lively Pink, Moody Blue, Fluorescent Mystic Lilac, and Lustrous Blue
  • Water-Based- Each bottle comes pre-mixed to save you time, money and effort 
  • High-Flow Paints - You won’t have to fight to get our pouring paints to flow effortlessly on your canvas, wood, foam board, or painting paper


Create immersive pour paintings with vibrant colours with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. Regardless of your artistic background, or lack thereof, you're sure to enjoy working with this plentiful set of pre-mixed, chameleon acrylic paints. Pour painting is known for being an incredibly beginner-friendly art form; invite peace of mind into your life with this set of acrylic paints.


Explore the fascinating and relaxing world of acrylic pouring paints with this must-have set! Each bottle of pouring paint is designed to get the right amount of paint each time and be secure enough to prevent drying or leaking.


Dive deeper into pour paintings with this Iridescent Pouring Paint Set. Discover how the colours Fluorescent Lively Pink, Moody Blue, Lustrous Blue and Fluorescent Mystic Lilac complement one another as you create painting after painting. Produce truly immersive paintings without ever touching a paint brush with our Iridescent Pouring Paint Set!

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