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Iridescent Acrylic Paint, Dreamer Tones, 60mL Bottles - Set of 10



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  • Shimmering Effect - Our iridescent acrylic paint is a combination of pigments mixed with pearlescent powder, providing artists with color shades that shift in changing light 
  • Dreamer Tones - This set of acrylic paints features 10 unique colours that come in shades of black, red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange and green
  • Professional Quality Paints - The premium acrylic paints in this set can be used on canvas, paper & wood
  • Safe - AP-Certified non-toxic acrylic paints that are safe to use to create one-of-a-kind paintings 

Our set of 10 Iridescent Acrylic Paints makes a wonderful addition to any painter’s collection. These iridescent acrylics are mixed with pearlescent powder to leave a shimmering effect that will elevate any painting. Our iridescent acrylics mix very well to allow artists to get the color they desire without any fuss. The iridescent color of our acrylics are bright and memorable, so you can create museum-worthy artwork that impresses even yourself. These acrylic paints dry quickly, to minimize any wait time while painting. Our dreamer tones acrylic paints appear different on white and black canvases, making this set of 10 more like a set of 20. 


Our premium iridescent acrylic paints provide artists of all backgrounds professional-grade paints to use on canvas, paper, wood and more. The 10 beautiful iridescent acrylic paints come in lustrous black, bewitched autumn red, fluorescent sour yellow, blue, storm purple, fluorescent lively pink, zesty orange, groovy turquoise, guttering ocean blue and luscious green. This acrylic paint set makes a fabulous gift for any painter in your life, including yourself. 


Express yourself with our unique iridescent acrylic paint set of 10. This rare iridescent paints set invites artists to create with hard-to-find colors that omit a beautiful shimmer. Our acrylic paint set makes a phenomenal birthday or holiday gift; for an even better gift, pair this acrylic set with a pack of canvases or wood slices. Stock your art studio, creative corner or classroom with this set of beautiful acrylic paints!

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