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Trending Now: Celebrating Fall

Trending Now: Celebrating Fall

Fall is officially here! It's time to break out the cozy sweaters, soak in the crisp autumn air, and take part in your favorite autumn activities with loved ones. This month, we’re taking everything on our fall bucket list and turning it into a creative opportunity! From pumpkin decorating with the family to creating Halloween comics to spook your friends, we’re giving you a list of ways to awaken your inner artist and embrace all that fall has to offer.

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Nothing says FALL like a pumpkin patch!

One of the best ways to welcome fall is spending a crisp, sunny afternoon picking pumpkins with the family. With our non-toxic fabric marker set in 30 vibrant colours, you can turn this classic fall activity into a fun project for the whole family. Allow everyone to pick their perfect pumpkin and head home to kick off a fun creative activity with the family! Gather everyone around the table to decorate their pumpkins with funny faces or abstract designs. With our versatile set of tapered brush-tip markers, your family can use these tools to glide along a pumpkin’s curved surface, easily transitioning from bold swatches to thin lines. Make this a leisure activity or challenge your family by turning it into a friendly competition; either way, your end result will be pumpkins with personality you can proudly display throughout the house this season. Once the pumpkin decorating is done, you can continue use of these markers in a more traditional way with our Mixed Media pad. Use both tools to extend upon your family’s creative adventures this fall!

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What’s better than a homemade apple pie?

One of our favorite things about Fall is homemade apple pie, so we're giving you an excuse to indulge in this sweet treat with a fun family activity. Gather your baking supplies and some fresh apples - make sure to set some aside in a bowl, because they’ll make for a great still-life for stunning artwork! Once the pie is in the oven and the mess from preparation is cleaned, place the fruit bowl in the center of the table and grab your art supplies. Our Expert Portrait Colouring Set is the perfect kit for this activity. Complete with an array of 48 coloured pencils and DIY frame mixed media colouring book, you and the family are able to capture the variety of shades presented in the fruit in front of you.

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Fall foliage and finger paints!

When you hear “fall,” you probably think of its gorgeous foliage. Trees once full of green shed leaf by leaf, coating the ground in layers of orange, yellow, and red. The colourful landscape only lasts for so long, so make it a point to truly embrace the foliage this year. Embark on a nature walk with some friends or your loved ones until you find the perfect scenic spot to inspire your creativity. With our assorted finger paints and set of finger painting pads, you and the whole family can enjoy a fun, simple, and low-maintenance artistic fall activity. These paints are non-toxic and safe for all ages, so even the youngest ones in your family can join in on the fun. There’s no limit to age or level of artistic experience, and there aren’t any other necessary supplies - just use your fingertips to dab paint across a sheet from the pad to mimic the shapes of leaves and add dimension with differentiating layers of the warm colours of fall. Encourage your loved ones to truly admire their surroundings to immortalize this season’s beauty in a work of art they can look back on throughout the seasons to come.

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Don’t forget - it’s Halloween season!

With Halloween around the corner, why not take part in a fun festive activity? Spending a night on the couch watching scary movies with friends and sharing spooky stories is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit. With our Premium Watercolour Bundle, you and your friends can create the spooky characters you’ve envisioned by making a short comic! After you’ve all been creeped out and inspired by the movies you’ve watched and the tales you’ve told, gather around this wide range of art supplies and visualize your own scary story. Create custom Halloween characters using the variety of colours offered in our 48 watercolour brush pens. Go from light-handed application for detailing and outlining with fine lines to squeezing the brush barrel to fill in light washes of colour. Don’t worry about heavy-handed mistakes that take away the spookiness of your visualizations, because the included pack of water brush pens can be used for blending maintenance. With this set, you’ll have everything you and your friends need to create your own scary graphic stories to frighten each other in the name of Halloween spirit.

Grab your favorite supplies today and check off everything on your creative fall to-do list!

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