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How to Draw a Bumble Bee with Arteza Gel Ink Pens

How to Draw a Bumble Bee with Arteza Gel Ink Pens

While they may have given you a fright as a child, if you clicked on this blog, you likely resonate with the magical insects that are bumble bees. Today we’re going to create a beautiful bumble bee illustration using our Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Vintage & Bright Colours - Set of 24. Before we go over the five steps needed to create a bumble bee drawing, let’s first briefly touch on the magic and importance of bees.

Bumble bees are known for symbolizing community, togetherness, hard work, diligence, and personal power. If you are stung by a bumble bee, many believe that to be a sign from the universe for you to wake up to your higher self. While bumble bees get a bad reputation (for stinging people), they sting as a defense mechanism—so simply give them their space and you should be in the clear!

If you like the sweet taste of honey, it may be sad to know that certain types of bumble bees have been classified as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. Many concerned citizens are coming together (channeling that bumble bee energy) to save the bees! If you feel called to, use your artwork to share awareness of the importance in preserving bees—since they play an essential role in maintaining the health of our planet. Now, let’s get to the fun part!

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5 Steps to Drawing a Bumble Bee

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Step 1

The first thing to tackle is your formative sketch. Start by drawing a small semicircle (about ⅔ of the way down your paper) to represent your bee’s head. From there, draw two additional circles that overlap each other, with the one at the bottom being the largest.

Fun Fact: The worker bees that do all of the tasks needed to operate the hive are female.
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Step 2

Add outlines for the wings, and define the shape of your bumble bee further. Add stripes to the base of the body and add small limbs to your insect. There should be three small ovals to represent your bumble bee’s legs.

Fun Fact: A typical beehive can hold approximately 50,000 bees!
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Step 3

Develop your drawing further by adding eyes, the continuation of its legs, and veins to the bee’s wings. Take your time adding these details as symmetry is the goal here. Once you feel your drawing is where it needs to be, erase any remaining unwanted lines with a kneaded eraser. Erase until your drawing looks clean and ready for colour!

Fun Fact: There are dozens of movies about (or featuring) bees—a few of the most popular include: “Candyman” (1992), “Bee Movie” (2007), “The Secret Life of Bees” (2008), and “Honeyland” (2019).
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Step 4

Use Noir (black) to fill in the head of your bee (avoiding its eyes), as well as the top parts of its legs. Next, use Lemon Yellow to colour the body of your bumble bee, avoiding the winged section. Add Noir on top of the bottom of the bee’s body, parallel to the natural curve of its body, as well as at the center of its body. Create flawless transitions by creating small marks using the colour Ginger between Noir and Lemon Yellow. Take your time to create smooth line work.

Fun Fact: Bees beat their wings approximately 11,400 times per minute!
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Step 5

Time for finishing touches!  Use the colour Stone Grey to colour in your bug’s eyes. Then use the same colour to colour where the wings overlap on your bumble bee’s body. Since the Stone Grey colour is so much lighter than Noir it’ll naturally create a transparent effect for the wings. Use Ginger to finish colouring your bug’s legs. Add Chocolate Brown to the legs as well to create more of a depth of colour. Next, use Evening Blue to outline the veins of your bumble bee’s wings and antenna.

Fun Fact: There are over 20,000 known bee species in the world, with 4,000 native to the United States of America.

What a beautifully coloured bumble bee! Our Retractable Gel Ink Pens are ideal for both the classroom and the art studio. These professional-grade gel pens feature vibrant colours that when layered create truly spectacular results. This set of gel ink pens will also assist you in outlining aspects of your watercolour or gouache paintings. Additionally, use this set of vintage and bright coloured gel pens to turn your drawings into illustrations! The creative opportunities are endless when you have this Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Vintage & Bright Colours - Set of 24 in your collection—see for yourself by securing your set today! 

How did your bumble bee turn out? Are you ready to move on to a dragonfly or a firefly? Make sure to shop the suggested set below for your next creation.

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