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How to: Colour Eyebrows with Kelly Edelman

How to: Colour Eyebrows with Kelly Edelman

 Kelly Edelman, one of our Fuel Your Creativity artists know for stunning, mixed media portraits demonstrates three styles of eyebrow for your next portrait using Real Brush Pens®. She has already created sketches of eyebrows, and for each style of eyebrow, she'll erase a bulk of the graphite before she uses the Real Brush Pens®. If you've created your sketch marks and they help you, you don't have to erase them as they won't bleed or smear, it is just personal preference for Kelly. To learn how to make three styles of eyebrows, keep reading! 

Supplies Needed:
Real Brush Pens®
Watercolour or Mixed Media Paper

First Style 

First, Kelly needs to start with a base tone. Once you've chosen the lightest shade you'll be using, start by creating thick feather strokes upward. Always follow the direction of the hair already laid out in the sketch. Kelly loves using the Real Brush Pens for hair strokes because they have a thin point that is perfect for getting those precise lines. For this eyebrow, Kelly is going for a fuller, bushy look. She adds a few flyaway hair strokes and leaves some gaps of white in between to create this effect. 

Next, Kelly grabs the mid-tone for this eyebrow, the shade Orange Rust. She uses this shade to re-emphasize the hair that has already been mapped out. The brow will always be darkest at the edge and at the arch, so Kelly adds a few additional lines in those areas.  

Lastly, Kelly wants to add that last layer of depth, so she grabs the shade Autumn Red, which will be the deepest colour in this demonstration. The colour will darken all hair when placed over certain areas, so make sure you only colour the different sections you want to stand out. 


Second Style

For the second style of eyebrow Kelly is creating, it will be the same steps with a few differences: She'll use only two colours, and the direction of the hair and arch of the brow will be different. Kelly's goal is to create a soft, natural brow. For the base tone, she uses Ginger and starts creating strokes that all go in the same direction (this brow has more horizontal strokes, whereas the first style was more diagonal). For this style of brow, there are not a lot of little gaps in between the hairs. To finish the brow and add depth, Kelly uses the shade Tawny. 

Third Style

The last brow is a combination of the first and second styles. This brow is a similar shape and arch to style two but has flyaway strokes like style one. Like the other two styles, the graphite sketch will help you follow the direction of the brow. For a base tone, Kelly uses Cantaloupe, again following the lines she has mapped out. For midtones, she uses Orange; lastly, for depth, she uses Walnut Brown. Kelly notes that when making these strokes, she draws on both sides, then meets in the middle. This isn't a technique you need to do when recreating; it just feels more comfortable for Kelly. 

Check out the fine hairline details Kelly is able to create using Real Brush Pens!  We hope this technique, guided by Kelly, has taught you valuable tricks and inspired you to keep creating! Make sure to grab Kelly's limited edition, exclusive bundles while you can! 


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