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Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Invite your loved ones to explore their artistic side this holiday season by providing them with budget-friendly arts and craft gift sets! Arteza’s Holiday Gift Guide features arts and craft products, sets, and kits in your price range. Our Gifts Under £20 includes a selection of presents suitable for any Secret Santas or Yankee Swaps you have coming up. Additionally, our £20 and under options also make great stocking stuffers. For those with a slightly higher budget, be sure to browse our Gifts £20 - £40 collection. And of course, to make a truly memorable and plentiful present, check out our Gifts £40 & Up collection. Regardless of your budget, you’re sure to find a terrific gift for any and everyone on your holiday shopping list through our Holiday Gift Guide.

Gifts Under £20

If you’re shopping with this budget in mind, don’t worry we have literally hundreds of options! With everything from painting supplies to office and studio supplies, you’re sure to find a wonderful option for the creative folks in your life. Some of the noteworthy sets featured in our £20 and under-collection are our Wood Slices Set of 45, EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Fashion Tones Set of 36, Acrylic & Oil Paint Brushes Set of 12, Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20, Real Brush Pens Set of 24, Premium Watercolour Pad 2-Pack, Watercolour Kit Set of 36 Colours + 1 Water Brush Pen, Gouache Premium Artist Paint Set of 24, and our Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Set of 12. If you’re not quite sure what to get, our Inkonic Fineliner Pens Set of 24 and Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 12 make a marvelous gift for artists of all levels. 

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Inkonic Fineliner Pens - Set of 24 — This versatile set of premium pens makes an awesome gift for artists, writers, and creatives of all ages. Our fineliner pens are AP-certified non-toxic and feature water-based ink. The triangular barrel of our fineliner pens sits comfortably in the hand for hours of creating with ease. Each pen delivers a 0.4 mm line, making these pens ideal for everything from taking notes to creating elaborate works of art. The 24 colours included in this professional-grade pen set include shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, grey, and black. Since our water-based ink formula is quick-drying, this set is optimal for left-handed writers and enthusiastic artists. The fast-drying ink that fills each pen ensures your marks won’t smudge as you create. Supply the artist in your life with this remarkable set of colourful pens!

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Acrylic Premium Paint, 22ml Tubes - Set of 12 — Painting is more enjoyable when you’re working with a top-shelf quality set of acrylic paints. Our premium acrylic paints make an excellent addition to any painter’s collection. This acrylic paint set includes the following colours: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Pale Green, Phthalo Green, Burnt Umber, and Mars Black. Since this acrylic paint set includes the primary colours (yellow, blue, and red) and black and white, artists can easily mix up any colour imaginable. Our acrylic paints mix, blend, and layer effortlessly, thanks to their water-based paint formula. This set of pigment-packed acrylic paints makes the perfect present for painters of all skill sets!

Gifts £20 - £40

Show the artists in your life that you truly support their artistic career or hobby by providing them with one of our must-have arts or craft supply sets, kits, or products in the £20 to £40 price range. Our wide selection of budget-friendly arts and craft supplies ensures there’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! From acrylic paints (Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 14) to mica powders (Mica Powder Large Bottles Set of 35) and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! 

For the painters in your life, we recommend our Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 60, Acrylic Markers Bright Colours Set of 40, Metallic Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 24, Watercolour Premium Artist Paint Half Pans Set of 36, Gouache Premium Artist Paint Set of 60, or our Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Vibrant Essentials Set of 8. For the illustrators, be sure to check out our Real Brush Pens Set of 48, EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Portrait Tones Set of 36, or our EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Grey Tones Set of 36. Any crafter, artist, or DIYer will be thrilled to receive our Pouring Art Starter Kit, Wooden Desktop Easel with Drawer and Palette, or our Mica Powders Set of 60. If you’re not sure what to get, our Drawing Pad and Marker Case with 144 Slots makes a great gift! 

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Drawing Pad, 30 Sheets, 45 x 61 cm - Pack of 2 — Regardless of an artist's discipline, they need reliable drawing pads in their collection. Our 18 x 24 in premium drawing pads feature off-white, medium weight, smooth, acid-free paper which features a fine tooth surface ideal for dry media. Each of our drawing pads’ sheets includes a micro-perforated edge which makes removing sketchbook sheets a breeze! This convenient 2-pack includes 60 sheets of drawing paper, providing artists of all levels with 120 pages of professional-grade drawing paper. Additionally, our drawing pads feature a spiral binding that allows artists to flip through their pages effortlessly, to make creating easier! Just imagine all that your person will be able to create with this 2-pack of drawing pads.

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Marker Case with 144 Slots — Supply the artist in your life with a truly well-crafted marker case with 144 slots! This professional-grade marker case makes an astounding home for markers and pens, especially while traveling. This marker case features 144 slots which are suitable for 15-22 mm markers. We’ve included a carrying handle and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure artists commute and travel comfortably with this marker case. We’ve also included a zipper pocket to make this the ultimate all-in-one marker case! This marker case makes a phenomenal present for the artists that appear to have it all. This holiday season supply an artistic friend or family member with this 144-slot marker case! 

Gifts £40 & Up

Our £40 and up priced gifts include some of our most extensive art sets! If you’re looking for an all-in-one present for the creatives in your life be sure to look into our Extra-Large Acrylic Art Set, Studio Mixed Media Art Set, and our Metallic Mixed Media Art Set. We also offer acrylic paint sets (Iridescent Acrylic Paint Harmony Tones Set of 20), alcohol-based marker sets (EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 144), watercolour markers sets (Real Brush Pens Set of 96), watercolour pencil sets (Professional Watercolour Pencils Set of 120), coloured pencil sets (Professional Coloured Pencils Set of 120), easels (Large Wooden Tripod Easel), and stretched canvas packs (36 x 48 in Stretched Canvas Pack of 2). Our Professional Coloured Pencils Set of 120 and EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 72 make a plentiful gift for artists of all ages and artistic backgrounds.

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Professional Coloured Pencils Set of 120 — This expert-grade set includes 120 acid-free and certified non-toxic coloured pencils. Each coloured pencil arrives pre-sharpened and ready to go. Our 4 mm break-resistant lead is stronger and lasts longer than typical coloured pencils, making this the ultimate coloured pencils set for artists! We’ve taken the time to label each coloured pencil with its colour name, colour number, and lightfastness rating to make creating on the go a piece of cake. Our expert coloured pencils make shading, layering, detailing, and blending an effortless task. This set of 120 coloured pencils comes complete with a colour chart and a protective, double-hinged metal tin, to keep pencils safe. Encourage an artist in your life to create more colourfully by providing them with this highly-pigmented set of professional coloured pencils!

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EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 72 — The creative opportunities are endless when artists have our EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 72 in their collection. This set of 72 alcohol-based markers includes a pair of marker tweezers and replacement nibs. Our art markers conform to ASTM D-4236 standards making them completely non-toxic! Each marker included in this premium set is dual-tipped, providing artists with a broad chisel tip and a fine tip. The convenient triangular barrel of our art markers sits comfortably in the hands and won’t roll off your table or desktop as you create. We took the time to carefully curate this set of 72 alcohol-based markers to make artists' lives easier. Additionally, we’ve included sturdy packaging that makes it easy to keep markers organized and travel with this set. Invest in your loved ones' craft by gifting them this set of alcohol-based markers!

Find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list with Arteza’s Holiday Gift Guide. Regardless of your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect present for everyone in your life. Welcome more creative curiosity into your friends and family members’ lives by supplying them with any of our well-crafted gifts. Stay within your budget, without sacrificing quality, thanks to our Holiday Gift Guide!

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