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Earth Day with Arteza Products

Earth Day with Arteza Products

Celebrate Earth Day the creative way this year!

We’ve curated a list of fun Earth-themed arts and crafts products for you to use to embrace Earth Day 2022! Before we dive into the exciting products featured in our Earth Day Collection, let's first briefly discuss how this holiday came to be. In 1969, an enormous oil spill leaked millions of gallons of oil off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. As a result, US Senator of Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day as a way to bring people together every year to help make our planet a better place. Senator Nelson was very specific in choosing the date April 22nd for Earth Day; he chose this date because it falls between many students’ spring break and final exams. Senator Nelson was determined to have young people participate in Earth Day, as they are our future.

On the first Earth Day (April 22nd, 1970), over 20 million (approximately 1 in 10) American citizens participated! While Earth Day started in the United States, it became a recognized worldwide holiday by the 90s. By 2010, the UN designated April 22nd as International Mother Earth Day. Earth Day is known for being one of the largest secular observed holidays in the world. Since Earth Day takes place in Spring, it's a wonderful time to plant flowers, trees, pick up trash/litter, volunteer outside, or even just spend the day embracing nature—one fun way is by creating outdoors, whether that be at the park, on your patio, porch, balcony, or backyard, or even in your garage with the door open.

Commit to making this Earth Day your most creative yet, start by stocking up on all the artistic Earth Day must-haves listed below.

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Earth Tones Gouache Paint Set of 12 — Produce gouache paintings that showcase just how gorgeous our Earth is with this Gouache Paint Set of 12. The included Earth Tones are ideal for painting landscapes, seascapes, and even sunsets. The brown, gray, green, cream, orange, white, and tan shades featured will assist painters of all backgrounds in creating artwork with developed colour schemes. This set of 12 gouache paints makes the ultimate limited palette for producing nature-themed paintings. Gouache paint can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, stretched canvas, canvas panels, and stone. Go outdoors this Earth Day, find a rock that catches your eye, then bring it to life with this Earth Tones Gouache Paint Set of 12. Take on countless paintings and craft projects this Earth Day using this must-have gouache paint set.

Creative Challenge: Create a painting including a body of water (for example a lake, river, ocean, or beach scene)!
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Wood Slices Set of 45 — Create paintings, wood burnings, mixed media masterpieces, string art, and more on natural pine wood (with bark) wood slices! Our Wood Slices Set of 45 features a truly versatile creative surface that invites creatives, crafters, artists, and DIYers to think outside the box. Each wood slice is pre-sanded and polished to perfection, providing you with a smooth surface to transform. This plentiful wood slice set is ideal for countless arts and craft projects. This set is perfect for the classroom or a group activity since there’s plenty of wood slices to go around with this set of 45. Meet your friends at the park this Earth Day and catch up while you each decorate/design your own wood slices.

Creative Challenge: Draw, sketch, paint, collage, or burn (wood-burning) a picture of something found in nature on a wood slice.
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Landscape Tones EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 36 — Spend this Earth Day creating realistic (or abstract) landscape marker drawings using this EverBlend Ultra Art Markers Set of 36. Our super blendable, double-sided, alcohol-based markers make producing expert marker drawings as easy as possible. This professional-grade marker set is certainly beginner-friendly as well, making it a universal set for artists of all skill sets. Create everything from landscapes to seascapes to marker drawings of the woods, forests, and parks with this must-have EverBlend Ultra Art Marker Set. Add this set of markers to your collection to encourage yourself to get outside and capture some nature-themed still life observational drawings this Earth Day!

Creative Challenge: Produce a marker drawing of a mountain surrounded by a lake. Have fun with this one, your mountain can be as colourful, tall, large, or small as you’d like.
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Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20 — The world is your canvas when you’re working with Arteza’s Metallic Acrylic Markers Set of 20. This premium painting marker set features 16 metallic colours to choose from! Use this vibrant marker on wood surfaces (like our Wood Set of 45), canvas panels, stretched canvas, glass surfaces, ceramics, cardboard, foam board, fabric, stones, and more. Since our acrylic painting markers can be used on so many surfaces, you really can paint on just about anything you feel inspired to this Earth Day, including: sea shells, leaves, rocks/stones, wood slices, wood panels, flower pots, and even your mailbox! Encourage yourself to spend this Earth Day creating artwork inspired by Mother Nature using this Metallic Acrylic Marker Set.

Creative Challenge: Transform a flower pot with our Metallic Acrylic Marker Set of 20!
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Floral Brilliance Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set of 8 — Embrace this Earth Day with paintings of all things nature with our Floral Brilliance Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Set. This unique paint set features pearlized shades of green, yellow, orange, and pink, so you can paint orchids, green plants, roses, tulips, lilies, succulents and more. Our acrylic paint formula is ideal for countless creative surfaces including stretched canvas, canvas panels, stone/rocks, ceramics, glass, metal, hard plastics, foam boards, wood surfaces and more. Add this set to your acrylic paint collection so you have the perfect limited paint palette to ring in this Earth Day, the artistic way! Since each paint tube includes 4.06 fl oz of pigment-packed paint, invite your friends or family over for a Paint Night to create together. Whether you’re painting on stones you find while on a walk this Earth Day or on a stretched canvas in your room with the window open, find a way to celebrate this brilliant holiday creatively with this acrylic paint set.

Creative Challenge: Use this metallic acrylic paint set to create a painting of your favorite flower, plant, or herb! Examples include thyme, orchids, or a cactus.
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Landscape Tones Real Brush Pens Set of 12 — Produce stunning watercolour paintings using our Landscape Tones Real Brush Pens Set of 12. Our professional-grade markers can be used dry to produce vibrant marker drawings or with water to produce immersive watercolour effects—providing artists with the best of both worlds! We’ve included a water brush pen with this watercolour marker set to ensure you have everything you need to create gorgeous seascape and landscape paintings. Add more earth tones to your marker collection with this set of gray, blue, green, orange, yellow, and brown Real Brush Pens. While this set is designed for depicting landscapes, the colours are also ideal for drawing (or painting) woodland animals like moose, deer, foxes, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and more.

Creative Challenge: Use this Real Brush Pens set to draw or paint a picture of a scenic wood-scene featuring plenty of trees and animals.
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Sketch TwiMarkers, Dual Tipped Set of 48 — Produce marker drawings and watercolour effects effortlessly with our Sketch TwiMarkers. This set of 48 watercolour markers makes the ultimate addition to your Earth Day art supplies list. Use these colourful markers to create everything from watercolour paintings of nature to lettering saying “Earth Day 2022”. The creative possibilities feel endless when you’re working with this plentiful marker set. Each marker included in this set is dual-ended providing artists with both a flexible brush tip for coverage and broader brush strokes and a 0.4 mm fine tip for precise details. Colour your way through countless works of art this Earth Day using this must-have marker set of 48!

Creative Challenge: Create an Earth Day-themed colouring sheet then colour it using this Sketch TwiMarkers Set of 48.
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Floral Colouring Kit — Give yourself some much-needed me-time this Earth Day as you bring floral illustrations to life with this Floral Colouring Kit. This colouring book kit comes complete with our Floral Illustrations Colouring Book and our Expert Coloured Pencils Set of 48. The adult colouring book included in this kit features 72 stress-relieving, floral designs. Each colouring page can be detached thanks to the book’s secure glue binding so you can comfortably create on the go or with a group of people. Since the included coloured pencils set includes 48 colours to choose from, you’ll have more than enough shades to use to bring your floral illustrations to life. If you’re able to, spend some time outside this Earth Day as you transform a colouring page or two with this Floral Colouring Kit!

Creative Challenge: Use green shades and only one other chosen colour to bring a floral illustrations colouring book to life!
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Oval Stretched Canvas, 10.2 cm x 20.3 cm, Pack of 12 — Create paintings dedicated to Mother Nature with our Oval Stretched Canvases. This 12-pack of classic canvases features 100% cotton surfaces which have been carefully coated with three coats each of titanium white acrylic gesso, making your canvases ready to go the moment you feel inspired to create. Use acrylic paints, pouring paints, permanent markers, painting markers, glitter, mica powders, tempera paints, oil paints, gouache paints, and more on this versatile pack of stretched canvases. Whether you’re painting a portrait of Mother Nature, depicting a tree, leaves, plants, herbs, a seascape, landscape, or mountains, our Oval Stretched Canvas is the ideal creative surface. Add this Oval Stretched Canvas 12-Pack to your canvas collection while supplies last.

Creative Challenge: Paint vegetation on 5 canvases, each a different wet medium: pouring paints, oil paint, gouaches, and acrylic paint. See an example below.
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If you do any of the listed creative challenges, or create any Earth Day artwork using Arteza products, be sure to tag us on social media! Additionally, let us know in the comments section of this article what creative endeavor or project you take up this April 22nd. We can’t wait to see what you create! If you’re able to, spend some time outside this Earth Day—you never know what kind of inspiration Mother Nature will send your way. Wishing you a very creative, memorable, and happy Earth Day 2022!

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