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Draw These Wild Flowers Using Best-Selling Arteza Products

Draw These Wild Flowers Using Best-Selling Arteza Products

It was Edward Abbey who said, “I hold no preference among flowers, so long as they are wild, free and spontaneous.” Wildflowers are often underrated, and even referred to as weeds. There is something remarkable about wildflowers: they don’t care about their treatment. They will grow in the most peculiar places, often breaking through rock-hard asphalt to reach the sun. They blossom with gusto and conviction. Wildflowers are actually very important for the cycle of life. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects depend on them. Do you have wildflowers growing in your garden, or is there a field of wildflowers in your neighborhood? There’s so much we can learn from these flowers. They adapt and bloom wherever they want. The message is simple: Be a wildflower. 

We’ve selected a few of these inspirational flowers and teamed them up with Arteza products so that you can create your very own field of “wild, free and spontaneous” blooms. 

Black-eyed Susan

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Black-eyed Susan plants are drought resistant, self-seeding and grow in a variety of soils. A member of the daisy family, black-eyed Susan flowers go by other names, such as Gloriosa daisy or brown-eyed Susan. This flower grows all summer long, providing a bright yellow colour and velvety foliage, requiring little care from the gardener. We suggest using the Arteza Professional Coloured Pencils - Set of 120 to create your black-eyed Susan flower.

Glory of the Snow

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Glory of the snow (Chionodoxa forbesii ‘Blue Giant’) is among the first bulbs to bloom in the spring. The wildflower is a member of the Lily family in the genus Chionodoxa. The most common glory of the snow bulbs produces blue flowers, but they also come in white and pink cultivars. We suggest using Arteza EverBlend Ultra Art Markers, Tropical Tones - Set of 36 to create your glory of the snow flower.

Passion Flower

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Passion flower is a rapid-growing, trailing vine that grows in sandy soils along stream banks, roadsides, woodland edges, meadows, and pastures. The genus name Passiflora is Latin for passio which means passion and flos which means flower. Their vibrant colours and heady fragrance make the passion flower a welcome addition to any garden. We suggest using Arteza Real Brush Pens - Set of 96 to capture the beautiful lavender hues of your passion flower.


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Native to North America, yarrow is steeped in myth and legend; it is a plant that many cultures of the world have widely used and revered. Achillea millefolium was named in honor of the Greek god Achilles. It is used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and diuretic. Whether you decide to grow yarrow in your flower beds or in your herb garden, it’s a lovely addition to your yard. We suggest using Arteza Acrylic Premium Artist Paint, 22ml Tubes - Set of 60.

Did you enjoy drawing these wildflowers? Are you ready to move on to orchids or botanical plants? Make sure to shop the suggested set below for your next creation.

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