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Arteza Stella: Create Stellar Art with These Super-Star Products

Arteza Stella: Create Stellar Art with These Super-Star Products

Every artist has their favorite art supplies, but one thing they all agree on is that having the right tools is key to making stellar art. That’s one of the reasons our founders started this company. They believed it was their job to put those tools into the hands of artists of all ages and skill levels. To help you discover the tools you need to take your art up a notch, we’ve compiled this list of our most popular—what we believe are must-have—products. We call these our Arteza Stella products because they’re our all-stars! Each one has proven to be a winner for artists of all levels and here they’ll tell you in their own words why. So, if you’re ready to reach for the stars and take your art to the next level, read on!

Arteza’s All-Star List

EverBlend Markers

There’s a new version of our tried and true EverBlend Markers—the EverBlend Ultra Markers. Professionals and novices alike now have 400 colours to choose from, all organized according to the colour wheel and in thematic sets. We still offer some colours from the old sets, but these have been reformulated to be more vibrant and blendable. You’ll enjoy using specialized sets with various themes and tones, including tropical, ocean, fashion, portrait, manga, and more.

  • EverBlend Ultra Art Markers, Set of 144 - Your ultimate art marker set! These blendable markers come in 144 long-lasting colours and are perfect for creating precise details or bold lines. They come in a lightweight case for easy on-the-go drawing.

These markers are great! Lots of different ways you can use them!
–Hailey S. 

Professional Drawing Set

To achieve all the subtleties of a realistic drawing, professional artists use drawing pencil sets with a wide range of lead hardness. Now, you can have the same set used by the pros with our professional drawing set.

33-Piece Professional Drawing Set
  • 33-Piece Professional Drawing Set - This set has everything you need to take your drawings to new heights—18 drawing pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 1 white charcoal pencil, 2 woodless pencils, 1 black Inkonic Fine Liner Pen, 3 paper blenders, 1 metal sharpener, 3 erasers, and 1 hobby knife. A great set for school or studio practices.

Loved this set! Has a perfect selection of everything you need for sketching or drawing, and the quality is amazing, as always.
–Madison B.

Mixed Media Pad

Mixed media artwork is becoming more and more popular. These unique pieces combine several supplies including paint, markers, graphite, or collage, so it’s important to have a paper that’s strong enough to withstand all the elements an artist wishes to include. Our mixed media pads are designed as a durable surface that won’t buckle, warp, or tear.

Image short description
  • Mixed Media Pad, 11" x 14", 60 Sheets -This pad has a paper that’s able to take wet or dry media while remaining resistant to puckering, pooling, or bleed through. It’s spiral bound with easy to tear micro-perforated pages perfect for keeping your work safe or taking it out of the pad to share or display. Each sheet is acid-free so you never need to fear that your work will fade or yellow with time.

Nice paper with a stable body. I’ve been testing all my media forms on this paper, they all stack and overlay nicely with stable results.
–Edmond T.

Stretched Canvas Premium

When it comes to painting, having a tightly stretched and level canvas is key. Our 100% cotton canvases are hand-stretched over a 3/4" profile that can be hung with or without a frame. These are professional-grade canvases, pre-primed with three coats of animal-friendly, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso. They are built to last and preserve the vibrancy of your artwork for years to come.

Image short description
Image short description
  • 18”x24” Premium Stretched Canvas - Whether you prefer wet, dry or mixed media, this is the canvas for you. These dependable stretched canvases have the best texture no matter what kind of art you’re creating. At 18"x24”, you’ll have plenty of room to express your artistic point of view.

Excellent texture for what I was painting. The paint moved smoothly and filled in all the areas beautifully. Very nice canvas.
–Anthony P.

  • 11"x14” Premium Stretch Canvas, 8-Pack - When the creative muse strikes, you'll be ready with this eight-pack of 11”x14” premium canvases. Primed and ready, these canvases are a must-have art supply for any artist studio.

It’s perfect for smaller projects. The canvas is tightly stretched and holds up.
Great quality and excellent price.
–Gaylenn C.

Wood Panels

More and more artists and crafters are turning to wood panels for their work. They are an incredibly solid and strong surface that can be used primed or unprimed. To support this popular art trend, we offer birchwood panels in a strong pine cradle that provides you with a sturdy surface for working on and displaying your pieces.

Image short description
Image short description
  • 9”x12” Wood Panels - Each panel has a smooth, 5mm-thick surface with a 3/4” profile that paint adheres well to and is suitable for impasto techniques and collages as well as wood-burning, acrylic pouring, or watercolour designs. 

They're sanded smooth and ready to prep and use. They're well-made and right on the square as they should be.
–Kimberly B.

  • 5-Pack 8”x8” Wood Panels - This five-pack of wood panels is just the thing for creating multi-piece wall art or to work on pieces simultaneously.

Good quality. Edges are cleanly squared and the front is sanded well.
–Sue M.

Pouring Acrylic Paint

Poured-paint art is fast becoming the trend in artmaking. This exciting medium allows artists to create interesting shapes and one-of-a-kind designs by swirling the paint to blend and mix colours. Using our paint developed especially for pouring, it’s possible to achieve smooth results with ease.

Image short description
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint, 60ml Bottles, Set of 32 - It will be love at first pour when you try this premixed pouring paint that has the just-right ratio of pouring medium already mixed in, making it high-flow and ready to use. The set contains 32 60ml bottles of premium acrylic pouring paint and includes metallic, neon, and pastel pouring acrylic colours for a variety of fluid art.

The colours are so vibrant, not only on a fresh wet pour but they dry gorgeously as well. Pouring the paint flows beautifully when I add a bit of movement to my canvas and the viscosity is so satisfying. Lastly, I love that the paints are premixed and ready to pour!
–Sydney S.

Arteza Glitter

Glitter has become a favored art supply for children and adults alike. Today,  artists, DIYers, and crafters are using glitter on everything from clothing to home goods to decor items. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to offer glitter in as many colours as we can. Our premium glitter is safe for all ages and has a dual pouring lid that allows you to control where the glitter goes and how much glitter you use.

Image short description
Image short description
  • Neon & Holographic Glitter Shaker Jars, Set of 54 - We’ve taken glitter to celestial heights with this set of 54 colours, including neon and holographic hues. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark shade. Add some extra sparkle to your art or craft projects.

I fell in love with glitter after ordering this, the glow in the dark glitter is amazing. Everything about this package is amazing and it helps me stay organized.

  • Holographic Glitter, Fairy Dust & Moonstone, 2 Shakers - Who wouldn’t want to have their craft project or artwork sprinkled with fairy dust or moonstones? With these 5g shaker jars, now you can! Each jar contains a variety of reflective shapes and sizes that are sure to add a twinkle to scrapbooks, ornaments, decorations, accessories, party favors, invites, and greeting cards.

Perfect! They are a great size to handle. Not too small which prevents waste. They look great!
–Nikki S.

There you go; you heard it here first—these are the must-have supplies you need to take you to the next level. Part of your artistic journey is to constantly expand on your knowledge and skills and there’s no better way to do that than to try new tools. You never know what new technique is right around the corner that will improve your art and having the right tool is an essential part of that. We’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment in the section below.

After reading this blog post are you motivated to create some art? Make sure to shop the suggested set below for your next creation

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