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11 Videos That Will Transform How You Use Coloured Pencils

11 Videos That Will Transform How You Use Coloured Pencils

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Arteza Coloured Pencils Will Inspire You!

One of the missions of Arteza is to inspire you and spark your creativity by sharing with you our library of tips, techniques, and artwork. Today, we’ve collected our best videos on working with colour pencils in hopes that you’ll learn something new or become even more excited about using these versatile drawing tools. 

There are so many challenges to face when it comes to utilizing each coloured pencil such as how to blend, how to choose the right colours, or how to choose the best paper. You will get the answers to these questions and more in one of the eleven videos here, where our artists explain and show you how to use both coloured and watercolour pencils

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using These Pencils

These are not just ordinary school supplies only to be used with colouring books. They are also the perfect tools for drawing and illustrating as well as for collage, mixed media, or use with acrylic paints. With the magic of watercolour pencils, you can even use them to make paintings in their own right. They can be used at home by kids and students or at the office by adults in professional capacities

There are so many reasons to use coloured pencils, but here’s what we believe are the top five:

1. A brilliant range of colours that will make your artwork pop
2. Strong and break-resistant; use them for a long time without replacing 
3. Easy to blend and makes perfect shading, grading, layering, and detailing
4. Highly lightfast; resists fading
5. Highly pigmented and saturated for vibrant and juicy shades

Helpful Tips

As a rule, you should always choose ones with buttery-soft wax cores, which are considered to be the best. A wax-based pencil will lay its pigment really well on paper and are relatively easier to work with compared to their oil-based cousins. They also have a budget-conscious price that makes them especially appealing. 

The best way to work with them is through layering. Adding light layers of colour can create the illusion of depth and dimension as well as create a myriad of new colours. By varying the amount of pressure you apply to the pencil, you can create sharp, dark lines or soft, subtle shading. 

The best advice we can give you if you’re new to this medium is to experiment and have fun with them. Use these videos as a guide and give some of the techniques used here a try. We know that once you get started you’re not going to want to stop!

Watch Now to Learn More!

1. Tutorial For Beginners (TOP 7 TECHNIQUES)

In this tutorial, we walk you through seven watercolour pencil techniques and share some tips and tricks! You’ll also learn how to use these to create a beautiful painting of two magnolia flowers.

2. Drawing a Moon

Want to make a drawing that’s out of this world? This video shows you how to create a realistic moon using white, two shades of gray, and black on a sheet of black paper. 

3. Draw a Tiger 

This timelapse video shows the process of making an amazing drawing of a tiger using watercolour pencils. You’ll see the artist using layering and detailing, adding shadows, and creating the fur’s texture with stunning results! 

4. Draw a Portrait on Black Paper

Drawing a portrait on black paper can really change the way you create! Watch how the artist combines white acrylic paint and coloured pencils to create a breath-taking portrait.

5. Husky Drawing

See a husky dog come to life in seconds in this astonishing timelapse, using the Arteza Expert Coloured Pencils. 

6. Eagle Drawing

Want to know how to make a hyper-realistic drawing of an eagle? Then this is the video for you. The artist combines exact details and shading to give an authentic look to the eye, feathers, nostril, and beak of this outstanding bird.  

7. Gingerbread Man 

During the holidays, Christmas treats make great subjects for drawings. Watch this fun timelapse and get inspired to draw a holiday card with your own classic gingerbread man smiling on the front.

8. Arteza Professional Coloured Pencils (Product Review)

This video explains in detail the advantages of using the Arteza Professional Coloured Pencils, including the 48- and 72-piece set. 

Check Out Our Reviews on YouTube

We’ve also engaged some well-known YouTube artists to review our coloured pencils. See what they have to say.

9. @thatoneartist

This review shows why Arteza colour pencils are a great affordable alternative to the more pricey brands. You’ll see how the artist makes swatches, shows blending techniques, and explains the light-fast star rating system. 


10. Art@Fadil

Watch how this artist uses both the coloured and the watercolour pencils while talking about his experience using them. Besides talking about what he likes, he also reviews the solubility and saturation of the watercolour pencils.

11. Sergey Gusev

In this tutorial/review, the artist uses Arteza coloured pencils to give instructions in drawing a highly detailed portrait. Not only will you learn important tips for doing portraiture, but he gives his honest opinion of each pencil. 

Now that you’ve seen all the wonderful ways you can use coloured pencils and watercolour pencils, we hope you’re excited to get started. The best part is that you can watch these videos as many times as you want and pause them when you need to until you master the techniques.

Before you know it, you’ll be using coloured pencils all the time! We’d love to hear about your experiences with them. Please share your comments with us. 

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