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* Bundle Includes - Expert Watercolor Pencil Set of 72, Woodless Watercolor Pencil Set of 24, and 3 Watercolor Books 5.5x8.5”
* Expert Watercolor Pencil Set of 72 - Soft-cored pencils are easy to blend together and dilute with water for rich pigmented paintings.
* Woodless Watercolor Pencil Set of 24 - These watercolor pencils are pure pigment coated in a soft resin to keep your hands clean. They sharpen easily and produce vibrant color from the entire tip.
* 3 Watercolor Books 5.5x8.5” - 30 sheets of our absorbent and high-quality watercolor paper fill each of 3 books. Spiral bound and portable sized, these sketchbooks are a must for the artist-on-the-go!

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