Colouring book, Glue Bound

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  • Glue Bound - Each page is held in the book by a non-toxic glue, offering maximum durability
  • Perforated - When you’re done colouring a page, you can easily rip it out to hang it up or have it framed
  • Thick Pages - You can use your favourite markers or ink pens without any worry of the colours bleeding through
  • Stress Relieving Designs - The methodical nature of colouring will help you melt away layers of stress so you can find your peace

Colour your bliss with the Arteza Colouring Book!

This book is held together with a non-toxic glue binding that ensures durability of design. You won’t have to worry about losing pages through wear and tear.

Each page comes with perforated edges for easy detachment. Simply tear out your masterpieces for hanging or framing without worry of ripping anything.

These thick pages won’t limit you just to colored pencils. Get out your favorite markers or ink pens to color in this book--your colors won’t bleed through to the other pages.

Find your happy place with these stress relieving designs. Colouring in these unique patterns will lull you into a state of calm that will have you forgetting your troubles. Grab one today and keep creating!

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