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Premium Canvas Panels, 30.5cm x 30.5cm - Pack of 14

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  • Made With 100% Cotton - Each panel has a durable MDF board core with a cotton canvas wrapped around it; perfect for painting with a brush or palette knife, impasto, and pouring
  • Conveniently Primed - 350 gsm primed with acrylic titanium gesso so they are no-mess and ready to use
  • Bulk Pack of 14 - Have all the canvas panels you need for single pieces or multi-panel art
  • For Different Types of Media - The acid-free surface keeps your colourful art from fading over time; great for oil paint, acrylics, tempera, and gouache
  • Certified Non-Toxic - Safe for artists of all levels, as they conform to ASTM D-4236 standards

Express yourself limitlessly with our Premium Canvas Panels Pack of 14-Pack. Our 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm canvas panels are an ideal square size to create beautiful landscapes, abstract compositions, and so much more. This pack of canvas panels also provides you with the perfect quantity to leave some at your workspace, flat, or with you in a bag! Always have a canvas nearby for your moments of creativity. 


Experience the difference our Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack makes. Artists can freely paint with most wet and dry mediums with our 350 gsm, sturdy canvas panels.  Whether oil paint or paint markers, these pre-primed canvas panels are up to the task. Since these canvas pans are durable, artists can easily frame and hang their finished pieces or lean them against a dresser or countertop. 


Invest in the best supplies for your studio with our Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack. It’s always the right time to stock up on essentials like our durable, travel-friendly canvas panels. See for yourself how inspired you feel to create more when you have these canvases right beside you. Grab our Premium Canvas Panels 14-Pack while supplies last!

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