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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Watercolour, 17.8cm x 21.8cm - 20 Sheets

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  • Fold & Display Instantly- Follow the marked guidelines and perforated tear tabs to fold together a ready-to-hang paper canvas or paper frame for your photos 
  • Heavyweight Watercolour Paper- The 300 gsm paper allows you to use your favourite dry media to create a masterpiece
  • Premium Acid-Free Sheets- Each sheet is made of wood pulp and acid-free, ensuring your artwork remains bright over time
  • Convenient Glue-Bound Pad- Tear a sheet from the pad whenever you’re ready to create, or work on the go


Create in an entirely new, unique way with our innovative DIY Frame Watercolour Pad. Simply tear a sheet from the glue-bound pad and follow the folding guidelines embossed into the paper and the perforated tabs to create your frame. Whether you prefer working on canvas with an easel or working flat, you can choose to fold the frame first or fold it after you create. You can also place photos inside the frame and decorate just the frame portion.


This wood-pulp, watercolour paper is heavyweight and perfect for using dry and wet media on them. Our acid-free sheets will make sure your artwork remains beautiful and bright over time. You’ll appreciate keeping this convenient pad in your studio because unlike traditional canvases, they’re compact. Take the whole pad or tear out a couple of sheets to take with you as you travel. 


Create artwork that is ready to display in moments, using our DIY Frame Watercolour Pad. Whether you’re just learning how to use watercolour paints or have been working with this medium for decades, you are sure to be impressed with the quality of the canvases included in our DIY Frame Watercolour Pad. Secure your foldable, DIY Frame Watercolour Pad before our website reads ‘out of stock’!

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