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DIY Foldable Canvas Frame, Expert Watercolour, 24.2cm x 24.2cm - 10 Sheets

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  • Foldable Paper Frame - Turn your finished pieces instantly into framed works of art ready to be proudly displayed 
  • Expert-grade Paper - Our watercolour paper is of our best quality and delivers exceptional results, can withstand several layers with 100% cotton and cold-pressed paper.
  • Mixed Media Welcome - In addition to watercolours, express yourself with gouache paints, watercolour pencils, coloured pencils, graphites, pens, markers and ink 
  • Ready for Display - Once folded, easily hang your masterpiece up without any hassles, each frame features cuts for holes on three sides 
  • Safe for Kids - AP-certified 100% non-toxic ensures painters of all ages can create in complete comfort 
  • 100% Cotton Surface - Each sheet is held in place by a secure glue binding for easy removal of smooth 13.5” x 15" (34.4cm x 38cm) sheets can be folded canvas size of 9.5" x 9.5" (24.2cm x 24.2cm)


This premium DIY Watercolour Frame Frame invites artists of all ages to create watercolour and mixed media paintings that are ready to be showcased. Our DIY Watercolour Frame Frame is designed to provide you with exceptional watercolour paper that will ensure your work’s vibrancy lasts. Each sheet of AP-certified non-toxic watercolour paper is acid-free. Our acid-free painting paper prevents hue deterioration, warping, yellowing, buckling, fading and puckering, to ensure your painting’s stay looking as fresh as the day you painted them for years to come. This Cotton Pad is unique compared to what’s on the market since our expert-grade Watercolour Frame allows you to easily turn your paintings into framed pieces. 


Folding your own frame is uncomplicated, simply follow the instructions included to turn your 34.4 x 38 cm pages into framed 24.1 x 24.1 cm paintings, ready to be hung up and displayed. You can create 10 show-stopping framed paintings with our innovative DIY Watercolour Frame Pad. This Watercolour Pad encourages you to create mixed media masterpieces since our watercolour paper also works well with pens, markers, pencils and gouache paints. The watercolour paper texture of our expert watercolour paper simply can’t be beat. Watercolour paints adhere beautifully to our expert-grade, 100% cotton watercolour paper. Secure this DIY Watercolour Frame Pad to create stunning paintings that you can frame in just minutes without any additional supplies needed. 


Save money on framing by upgrading to our DIY Watercolour Frame Pad. This paper allows you to instantly showcase your finished work. All of this extra time at home doesn’t have to be spent in front of your television, instead invest in your craft by upgrading to our expert-grade DIY Watercolour Frame Pad. These Watercolour Cotton Pads were designed with all artists in mind, regardless of age or skill set. Whether you are just learning how to paint with watercolours, or consider yourself a professional painter, our expert-grade DIY Watercolour Frame Pad will exceed your expectations. Allow yourself to create your best work yet this new year by securing this DIY Watercolour Frame Pad today.

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