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DIY Foldable Canvas Pad, Expert Watercolour, 20.4 cm x 28 cm - 10 Sheets

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  • Frame Finished Pieces - Frame pieces with no additional supplies required 
  • Sturdy Paper - Durable & dependable paper, can withstand several washes w/o any damage to your artwork
  • Acid-Free Paper - Prevents hue deterioration, fading, yellowing, warping, buckling & puckering to ensure your artwork’s vibrancy lasts 
  • Design & Display - Ready folded framed pieces can be hung on the wall, papers feature cuts for holes from three sides
  • Kid-Friendly Pad - AP-certified 100% non-toxic; paper is safe for painters of all ages 


This DIY Watercolour Frame Pad makes framing your work incredibly user-friendly. Each sheet of 34.2 x 38.2 cm paper can easily be folded down into a framed piece, measuring 20.3 x 28 cm. Thanks to this DIY Watercolor Frame Pad there is no need to spend money on framing your artwork. As soon as your work is dried, follow the instructions on the packaging to transform the artwork into a framed painting ready to be proudly displayed. Our DIY Watercolour Frame Pad was designed with artists of all ages, skill sets and backgrounds in mind. This Watercolour Pad is AP-certified non-toxic inviting painters of all ages to join in on the fun. Our DIY Watercolour Framing Pad comes complete with 10 sheets of expert watercolour paper. 


The watercolour paper that fills our DIY Frame Pad is cold-pressed and acid-free. Acid-free paper preserves the integrity of your artwork, since it prevents fading, yellowing, warping, hue deterioration, buckling and puckering from accumulating over time. While this DIY Watercolor Frame Pad is designed for watercolour paints, you can also work with gouache paints, watercolour pencils, coloured pencils, graphites, gel pens, markers and some inks on this versatile paper. Each sheet of watercolour paper is held in place by a dependable glue binding. The glue binding featured on our DIY Watercolour Frame Pads allows you to easily remove your paintings with no trouble. 


Now is the best time to invest in your artwork, and yourself as an artist. Treat yourself to this superb DIY Watercolour Frame Pad to create 10 phenomenal paintings and mixed media creations that are ready to be displayed in moments. If you’ve never worked with a DIY Framing Pad before there is no need to worry, there are easy to follow instructions on the back cover of this pad. Plus, we’ve included a scannable barcode that will bring you to our helpful tips for transforming this paper pad into your framed work. Rather than sitting in front of the TV, spend your extra time indoors this year painting. Order your DIY Watercolour Frame Pad today. 


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