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Acrylic Pad, 15.2cm x 15.2cm, 16 Sheets - Pack of 2

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  • Premium Painting Paper - 2-pack includes 32 sheets (16 each) of professional-grade painter’s paper, ideal for oil, acrylic and gouache paints
  • Glue Bound - Secure glue bindings keeps your sheets together and allows for easy removal of your true-to-size 15.2 x 15.2 cm paintings
  • 100% Acid-Free - Thick, 400 gsm (246 lbs) acid-free paper preserves the integrity of your artwork since it prevents hue deterioration, yellowing, fading, warping, buckling and puckering


Produce phenomenal paintings and marvellous mixed media pieces on the pages that fill our premium Acrylic Pads. This 2-pack of painting paper pads features 32 sheets of completely acid-free paper, crafted to keep your artwork vibrant for years to come. Our thick, heavyweight, painting paper is 400 gsm (246 lbs) and is ideal for acrylics, oils, gouache paints and acrylic painting markers. 


Our Acrylic paper pads feature linen-textured paper that is designed for paints to adhere to beautifully. Our compact 15.2 x 15.2 cm Acrylic Album Pads are highly portable and ideal for anyone with limited storage space or constantly on the go. The square shape of our painting paper is ideal for a wide selection of subjects—whether you’re painting a portrait or a landscape you’ll find our Acrylic Pads’ paper is fit for the task. 


Sometimes committing to a canvas can be intimidating, our Acrylic Artist Pads are a great alternative to painting on canvases. Whether you’re just learning how to paint or find yourself short on space, our painting paper pads are perfect for you! These portable painting paper pads will encourage you to paint more regularly and therefore become a stronger artist. Secure your 2-pack of Acrylic Pads to produce even more remarkable paintings all throughout this year!

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