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Gel Pens, Assorted Colours - Set of 60 & Graphite Transfer Paper

  • Vibrant Colours - 7 Classic, 9 Pastel, 6 Neon, 10 Metallic, 12 Glitter, 10 Fluorescent, and 6 Rainbow
  • Medium Width - 0.8-1.0mm ballpoint pens are ideal for colouring books
  • Acid-free and Non-toxic Ink - Certified safe for all artists and ages
  • High-Quality Graphite Transfer Paper - Includes 60 grey sheets of 22.9 x 30 cm paper for multiple projects

Amaze your friends and family with the precise and detailed designs and illustrations you’ll be able to achieve with our set of 60 Premium Gel Pens with Graphite Transfer Paper. This dual set comes complete with a set of 60 premium gel pens, in assorted colours, as well as 60 sheets of premium graphite transfer paper. The set of 60 gel pens features seven classic, nine pastel, six neon, 10 metallic, 12 glitter, 10 fluorescent and six rainbow-coloured pens. Our premium set of gel pens offers a full range of colours to choose from.  


Our gel pens work well with our graphite transfer paper to make creating detailed designs easy. Our high-grade graphite transfer paper set includes 60 sheets of 22.9 x 30 cm paper to transfer designs and sketches. The premium sheets of graphite transfer paper included are easy to use; simply place the graphite sheet under your design, trace your drawing or design with a hard pencil or gel pen, then transfer that graphite paper to the desired surface for your design. Create like never before with our set of 60 gel pens and graphite transfer paper.


Transform your sketches with our Gel Pen Set. This set of gel pens also includes graphite transfer paper, making it easier for your sketches and illustrations to be effortlessly added to a canvas and wood surfaces. The bold variety of pens included  is also great for doodles, note-taking, fine details, journaling and more. See what colourful pieces you can create by ordering our Gel Pen Set today!

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