Woodless Watercolor Pencils and Watercolor Pads Bundle

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* Set of 2 Premium Watercolor Pads (32 sheets each) and 24 Woodless Watercolor Pencils
* 32 full size sheets (9in x 12in) are glue bound for easy detachment
* Cold pressed acid-free paper (140lb/300g), can withstand multiple washes
* 24 Woodless Watercolor Pencils: water soluble, environmentally friendly, coated in lacquer, x5 more lead than wooden colored pencils
* Create even strokes with minimal pressure - Perfect for watercoloring

Heavyweight Cold Pressed Paper
Each page is Heavyweight 140lb/300g and cold pressed, which creates the most ideal surface for watercoloring 
Glue Bound
The pages are bound together with sturdy adhesive binding which allows for easy page turning and page detachment. 
Acid Free 
The sheets are acid free and will allow your art to withstand the test of time. Your sketches wont fade or degrade over time. 
Suitable For All Wet Media
This is the ideal pad for use with all paints, water, and watercolors
The Perfect Pencil
These woodless watercoloring pencils have richly saturated pigments that are lightfast and perfect for many different types of art
Five times more lead than wooden colored pencils
Constructed from solid 7.2 mm soft core high-density color lead and coated with a special lacquer sheath.
Water Soluble
Perfect for watercoloring, aquarelle, sketches, drawings, and coloring books.
The color will not fade and they are environmentally friendly
Use with various techniques
Excellent for shading and shadows, layering, blending, and more.
Pencils are pre-sharpened and can be sharpened with any type of pencil sharpener. Carry these coloring pencils around with you whenever you feel the need to sketch a quick idea.
24 Unique Colors
With 24 rich & vibrant colors to choose from you'll find exactly what you’re looking for your next masterpiece.

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