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Foam Boards, Black, 50 x 75 cm - Pack of 12

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  • Lightweight & Durable – With a 0.52cm thickness, these sturdy boards won't bend with use
  • Dual Sided & Versatile – Perfect for painting, crafting, modeling, signage, presentations, and more
  • Smooth Surface – Great for applying glue, markers, and paint
  • Easy to Cut – Custom cut the size of your design or presentation with ease

Arteza’s 12-pack of premium Black Foam Boards offers artists, creatives, DIYers and crafters dual-sided and durable foam boards suitable for any occasion or setting. Our 12-pack of 50 x 75 cm black foam boards features lightweight foam boards, each with a thickness of 0.52cm. Our sturdy foam boards won’t bend or warp with use, providing you with dependable foam boards suitable for your DIY projects. Our premium black foam boards are easy to cut, so you can customise the size of your foam board without any troubles.


Each of our black foam boards are dual sided, making them ideal for painting, crafting, signage, presentations and modelling. Our versatile foam boards each feature a smooth surface that is ideal to create on with paint, markers and glues. Express yourself with markers, gel pens, coloured pencils, graphites, chalks, crayons and collage materials on our premium black foam boards. Stock up with this bulk set of 12 premium, black foam boards for your next poster presentation, school project, celebration or DIY project.


Restock your art studio, classroom, business, workspace, office or home with our versatile black foam boards. Set yourself up for success this new year by supplying yourself with all the essentials, starting with our must-have black foam boards. Whether you’re a painter, business person, teacher, student or DIYer, our black foam boards are sure to go to great use! Try creating something new this year by investing in our premium black foam boards 12-pack— order your set today!

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