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#11 Hobby Blades - Pack of 120

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  • Precision Blades - Fine point is ideal for cutting, detailing, stripping, and trimming
  • No Dulling - SK-5 high carbon steel stays sharp with repeated use
  • Brand Compatible - Fits all medium-duty craft knives including X-acto®, Olfa® & Fiskars®
  • Rust Resistant - Coated in a thin layer of protective lubricant for prolonged storage


Cut and trim with complete precision with Arteza’s #11 Hobby Blades 120-pack. Our premium #11 hobby blades set features 120 rust-resistant hobby knife blades and a durable carrying case. The 120 #11 hobby knife blades included in this set are compatible with all the major brands on the market. Our universal blades fit all medium-duty craft knives, including X-acto®, Olfa® and Fiskars®. Our hobby knife blades are each coated in a thin layer of protective lubricant, for prolonged storage and extended use.  


Our rust-resistant hobby knife blades are made of SK-5 high carbon steel. The SK-5 high carbon steel construction of our #11 hobby blades keeps them sharp with repeated use, so you never have to worry about dull hobby knife blades again. The fine point on each of our blades is ideal for cutting, detailing, stripping and trimming with precision and accuracy and will deliver precision every time. 


Elevate your craft by upgrading to our 120-pack of #11 hobby blades. Restock your art studio, creative corner or designing desk with these universally adaptable hobby knife blades. Whether you’re trimming or cutting, our #11 professional-grade hobby blades will make the task straightforward and completely hassle-free. Secure your set of 120 hobby knife blades today!

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