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Watercolour Palettes

Watercolour Palettes

Watercolour Palettes

Arteza’s watercolour palettes are an essential tool for watercolour artists. If you like to paint in watercolour, then you know how easy it is to accumulate a mess when mixing your colours. Palettes help keep your paints separate so you can go about painting efficiently. Some palettes also have little pans of their own for storing tube colour. We have a superb range of palettes for you to choose from, so grab your favourite and paint to your heart's content!

What is a watercolour palette? A watercolour palette has mixing wells where you can mix your watercolours when you paint. You can mix the paints and work directly from the palette, rather than working from the pan or carrying paint around with you.


What is the best watercolour palette? If you are travelling and need a palette for painting on the go, we recommend trying out a Tin Box palette. Tin Box palettes snap closed and they are robust enough to be thrown into a bag or fall on the floor without breaking. Palettes can come with full pans (20 x 30 mm) or half pans (20 x 15 mm). Half pans are smaller, so the palette holds more colours at once. We have a brilliant range of half pan palettes, so be sure to view our offer.


How to set up a watercolour palette? Your watercolour palette has individual pans for colours. It’s a good idea to create a palette that consists of the following:

  • Warm and cool versions of yellow, red and blue
  • Violet red
  • Two greens
  • Two earth tones
  • Black
  • Neutral grey

This palette will help you achieve most colours and tones. Remember to consider your composition before creating your palette. It’s normal for your palette to change depending on your intended subject.


Because watercolour paint is liquid, it needs to be mixed on a solid surface, like plastic or porcelain. The mixing wells on a watercolour palette are also an important consideration because if you don’t have enough of them, your productivity will suffer. Thankfully, we have a wide range of watercolour paint palettes that are up to the task. Our watercolour paint palettes are a good size for travelling and they boast multiple pans for you to store your paints. You can carry them along in your art bag and just mix when you are ready to begin. Purchase a palette today and enjoy a seamless painting experience!