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Whiteboard Cleaner Set with 12 Fine-Tip Dry Erase Markers



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  • Convenient Dry Erase Kit - Includes a 237 ml  whiteboard spray cleaner, 12 colourful fine-tip dry-erase markers and a magnetic eraser
  • Durable & Vibrant Markers - Enjoy 12 fine-tip markers in a variety of colours for note taking, diagramming, brainstorming and writing messages
  • Not Just for Classrooms  - All products in the kit are low-odour, ammonia-free, and great for schools, offices, and the home
  • Safe & Non-toxic - Clean whiteboards, glass boards, and more with this nontoxic and petrochemicals-free dry erase set

Write notes, leave messages, participate in group activities and brainstorm sessions with our Whiteboard Cleaner Set. The 12 fine-tip dry erase markers included are dust-free, low-odour and non-toxic. Since this set also includes a magnetic eraser and an ammonia-free cleaning spray, this all-in-one set is ready for your ideas right out of the box. 


Our Whiteboard Cleaner Set is ideal for multiple non-porous surfaces like glass, making it easy to write messages on windows, announce specials of the day in your local cafe or shop and more. Alternatively, you can use the included whiteboard markers on smaller surfaces like lapboards to draw, take notes or play games. 


Ace your next presentation with our Whiteboard Cleaner Set. Regardless of whether you are using this marker set for work, doodling the day away or crossing off the last task on your to-do list, this marker set is an excellent option for productivity and creativity. Grab our Whiteboard Cleaner Set while supplies last!

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