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Real Brush Pens® Travel Bundle Set

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  • Draw & Paint On-the-Go - Comes with 96 Real Brush Pens and an Organiser Case with 108 elastic slots 
  • Brush-Like Tip - The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to sketch, draw, hand-letter, and paint 
  • Use Them Wet or Dry - Add a few drops of water to produce watercolour effects or use the markers as they are for a bold look 
  • Handy Travel Case - The flexible slots are suitable for both markers & pens, plus there’s an added pocket on the back of the case for additional art supplies 
  • Certified Non-Toxic - These Real Brush Pens are AP Certified Non-Toxic and suitable for artists of all levels

Set Includes:

  • 96 Real Brush Pens
  • Organiser Case with 108 elastic slots 

Get all of the stylistic and technical versatility of a paintbrush in the form of a ready-to-use pen. Sketch lines of various thicknesses, produce watercolour effects or use these pens for mixed media art. Grab a sheet of watercolour paper and experiment with all the ways you can blend, paint, or add detail to your pieces. You can use watercolour techniques like glazing or you can even add salt to your wet pieces to create interesting patterns and designs. 


Use the tip of the pen to create thin lines and details in your pieces. If you’re looking to create bolder and thicker lines, apply more pressure to the pen as you glide the brush across your surface. The flexible nylon brush tip performs similarly to a calligraphy-style paintbrush but gives you the control and precision of a marker nib. Create beautiful watercolour artwork without having to keep a water cup nearby; simply use the included water brush pen. This is the perfect set to take with you as you go on your life adventures.


Create flawless works of art on the go with our Real Brush Pens Travel Set. Our travel set is like a mini art studio—alongside the 98 brush pens, there are extra elastic slots to add other drawing tools such as pencils, pens or other markers you may have.  Be inspired to take your craft outside this year, or anywhere else your creativity strikes! Add our Real Brush Pens Travel Set to your cart today! 

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