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Marker Starter Bundle, Fuel Your Creativity

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  • Exclusive Bundle - Limited edition bundle that includes a special thank you packet with an artist print and other swag
  • Vivid Markers - Premium alcohol-based art markers for illustrating, sketching, designing, doodling, colouring, and more 
  • Precise Lines - Quick-drying fineliner pens allow you to create the finest details using the metal-encased 0.4 mm tip
  • Oil Paint Markers - Paint without touching a paint brush, using these quick-drying oil paint markers
  • Premium, Acid-Free Paper -  Each acid-free, mixed media paper sheet ensures the longevity of your artwork

This Bundle Includes:

  • Mixed Media Pad, 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm - Pack of 2
  • EverBlend™ Ultra Art Markers, Pastel Colours - Set of 12
  • Classic Oil-Based Paint Markers - Set of 10
  • Inkonic™ Fineliner Pens - Set of 24
  • Swag Bundle, including a Pypah Santos print


    Create vibrant drawings, illustrations, and more with this Pypah Santos Markers Starter Bundle. Our EverBlend Art markers are designed for layering and blending seamlessly, and the included pastel set will add a range of soft and pigmented colours to your marker collection. You’ll also receive an assortment of Oil-Based Paint Markers, which produce vivid and permanent quick-drying marks.


    Arteza’s Pypah Santos Markers Starter bundle also includes a set of Inkonic Fineliner Pens, which artists can use to add details and fine lines to any work of art with their 0.4 mm tip. Additionally, we’ve included a 2-pack of Mixed Media Pads. Each sheet of mixed media paper is acid-free and will preserve your artwork beautifully over time.


    Experience a wide variety of marker mediums with this Pypah Santos Markers Starter Bundle. Each set of markers has its own techniques and effects to learn, making this bundle perfect for marker artists of all backgrounds. Don’t miss out on this exclusive bundle curated by artist Pypah Santos. Grab this Markers Starter bundle while supplies last, there is only a limited quantity available!

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