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Markers Open Stock

Markers Open Stock

Markers Open Stock

Art markers are an underappreciated media, but the many dazzling markers at Arteza are resurrecting their appeal. Although paints, pencils, and inks tend to get the most attention, extraordinarily beautiful art can be made using a multitude of art markers. Each type of marker is specialised for a particular kind of artwork. Arteza’s open stock concept enables artists to purchase a few art markers of the same colour instead of an entire set, enabling savings and accessibility. 


What are the different types of markers? Arteza makes a multitude of markers. Alcohol markers are professional-level markers with ink suspended in an alcohol base. Their colour is vibrant, permanent, and fade-resistant. Water-based markers, on the other hand, are markers with ink suspended in a water-soluble base. The water base enables them to write smoother on paper. Additionally, you can use water to dilute the colour, spread ink on the page, or even wash it off. These markers function like watercolours, however, alcohol-based markers tend to offer more colour variety.


Highlighters, familiar from grade school for use in notebooks, are a type of marker that can also add a neon flair to your art projects. Permanent markers are ideal for drawing on unconventional surfaces, such as: fabrics, plastics, and other materials that water and alcohol-based markers won’t work on. And finally, acrylic markers, made from high lightfast pigments are similar to painting only with a pen instead of a brush.  


Many markers offer replaceable, dual tips with a thick tip used for shading large areas and a thin tip for fine linework. Alcohol, water, and permanent marker types can all be found in the dual-tip form.


What paper is best for markers? Since markers contain liquid-based ink, it’s important to choose heavyweight paper that is both bleed and tear-resistant. Normal copy paper is not a good choice, since most art-quality markers will bleed through it. Instead, you can purchase specific marker paper or simply thick cardstock that is made to be durable.

Blending card paper is an excellent choice for marker artwork, and heavyweight Bristol board is another good choice. Bleed-resistant or bleed-proof pages are essential for marker work, and higher quality white paper will ensure that your colours come out clean and vibrant.


What are the best professional markers? Markers for artists come in a vast range of different qualities. A top brand synonymous with high-quality, Arteza’s markers are more affordable than most and come in large packs with excellent ranges of colour to choose from. Whether you’re looking for permanent, alcohol-based, or water-based markers for your artistic needs, you can find markers of excellent quality that will create artworks not quite like any other medium.