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Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars

Magnetic dry erase calendars are a wonderful tool to organise your life from the central hub of your home — the kitchen. They stick to a fridge so long as it’s metal and they can be written on with dry eraser, making them perfect for messages.  

We’re big fans of the humble dry eraser board, so we combined it with a calendar and sections for lists to create the ultimate magnetic calendar for your refrigerator. Take a look at our latest range of magnetic dry erase calendars and incorporate one into your world today.


What is a magnetic dry erase calendar?  A magnetic dry erase calendar is a magnetic fridge calendar that you can use magnets on to mark important dates and write on with erasable marker pen.

Most people will have a calendar in their kitchen. Dry erase calendar boards are space-saving and useful to remind you about important dates. You can write on them and erase your writing easily with a cloth or eraser.


How to use magnetic dry erase calendars? You can hang or stick your dry erase calendar board to the wall, or you can use its magnetic properties to stick it onto your fridge (so long as your fridge is metal).

The magnetic calendars we sell come in a set with dry erase marker pens so you can keep a cooking chart. You will also find space for a grocery list. The marker pens are magnetic so all you have to do is stick them to the board when not in use.


What is a magnetic dry erase calendar used for? Magnetic dry erase calendars are used in place of normal paper calendars because they allow you to write on them and erase what you write. You can use a magnetic board to mark events, make a shopping list, create a cooking chart or leave people funny and important messages. 


If you have a fridge with a metal front, you can stick a magnetic dry erase calendar to it to create a meal plan on the fly and keep a shopping list. Our customers tend to use their dry erase calendar for all kinds of things.


We sell a variety of magnetic calendars for refrigerators that you will love. These include white and black calendars in several sizes. You can also buy magnetic erasers, which you can stick to the calendar board for safekeeping.