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Kids Crafting

Kids Crafting

Kids Crafting

Introduce your little ones to new arts and craft projects with our craft sets for kids! Our wide selection of arts and craft supplies for kids includes kids string art sets, finger paint sets, tempera paint sets, and more. Encourage the children in your life to get in touch with their creative side by supplying them with our craft kits for kids. 


What ages are Arteza’s craft sets safe for? All of our kids arts and craft kids are AP-Certified non-toxic. Our Kids String Art Sets are specifically designed for children ages 8 and up, however if not stated on the packaging, our art sets are considered safe for children of all ages (with adult supervision). For younger artists we recommend our Kids Premium Tempera Paint Sets and Kids Finger Paints Set which are suitable for children ages 3 and up. 


What surface is suitable for Arteza’s Kids Paints? Any of our canvases would be optimal for our Kids Premium Tempera Paints and Kids Finger Paints. You’re also welcome to use these pigment-packed kid-friendly paints on our Acrylic DIY Foldable Canvas Frames, Acrylic Pads, Mixed Media DIY Foldable Frame Canvases, Wood Slices, and Wood Panels. The children in your life will be thrilled to create with such blendable and vibrant paints. 


What is String Art? String art invites children to create without any mess to clean up. Our kids string art sets invite children to create fun designs by weaving coloured strings between plastic pins. We’ve included easy to follow instructions with all of our string art sets to ensure your child has a blast creating these unique art pieces. For the kid that loves the beach we recommend the Kids String Art Sea Animals Set. Any true animal lover will enjoy our Kids String Art Animals Set. Lastly, our Kids String Art Mixed Design Set is the perfect universal set for any child on your shopping list! 


Inspire the children in your life to create like never before with our craft kits for kids. 

Keep some arts and craft sets handy for the next time your friends with kids, niece, nephew, little cousins, or younger siblings visit. While these sets are designed for children, they’re also ideal for senior citizens looking to bring a little more creativity into their days. Any and everyone is welcome to create with our completely non-toxic kids craft sets.