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Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Black - Set of 50

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  • Convenient Bulk Set - With these fast-drying gel pens, you’ll get the permanence of a ballpoint pen with the precision of a water-based ink pen
  • Won’t Scratch or Skip - The gel ink flows smoothly and uninterrupted for an easy glide across the paper
  • Comfortable & Easy-To-Use - The latex-free soft-grip maximizes comfort and control, so your lines are where you want them every time
  • Non-Toxic & Safe - The acid-free ink of these retractable gel pens is non-toxic

Experience smooth-gliding ink that works perfectly for your outlines, school notes, lists, and reminders with this set of 50 sleek black gel pens. In addition to classwork and professional notes, these work great for sketches and artwork. They’re also great to use in journals, scrapbooks, and calendars. With standard pens, you have the hassle of fading, skipping, and overall unreliable ink quality. The gel-based ink is long-lasting, bold, and dries fast so you can continue writing without the worry of smudging on your desk, paper, or hands. What’s better is that the ink is acid-free (ensuring that it won’t fade over time) 

Get the ultimate comfort and convenience with an ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in your hand, durable pocket clip for easy portability, and a see-through barrel. These retractable pens have 0.7mm stainless steel tips that write with medium, precise lines, giving fade-free coverage. Whether you’re at work, school, or at home, having the perfect balance of comfort and practicality produces incredible results every time.

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