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Pencil Starter Bundle, Fuel Your Creativity

  • Limited Edition - Exclusive set in limited quantities; Includes a special thank you packet with an artist print and other swag
  • Rich & Vibrant Colours –  Highly pigmented coloured pencils to make your drawings and colouring books pop 
  • Create Watercolour Effects - Simply add a little water and watch as the pigments transform your pencil marks into transparent watercolour washes
  • Premium, Acid-Free Paper -  Each 110 lb, acid-free sheet ensures the longevity of your artwork, and sheets are suitable for both wet and dry media

This Bundle Includes:

  • Mixed Media Pad, 22.9 x 30.5 cm - Pack of 2
  • Professional Watercolour Pencils - Set of 72
  • Coloured Pencils, Triangle Shaped - Set of 48
  • Swag Bundle, including an Spiros Felonis print

Express yourself colourfully with our Spiros Felonis Coloured Pencils Starter Bundle. You’ll receive two different sets of pigment-packed coloured pencils that make blending, layering, and colouring a breeze. Our Triangle Shaped coloured pencils are ergonomically correct and have a durable and dense core. Take your drawings to the next level with our watercolour coloured pencils. Simply draw and add a touch of water to transform your drawings into beautiful watercolour effects.

Every artist needs the perfect surface to create on, which is why our Spiros Felonis Coloured Pencils Starter Bundle also includes a 2-pack of Mixed Media Pads. This durable paper was designed with wet and dry media in mind, meaning it can handle multiple washes of colour and heavy coloured pencil marks without warping. Each sheet of mixed media paper is completely acid-free, to prevent hue deterioration and yellowing from accumulating over time.  

Become inspired to create captivating works of art with our Coloured Pencils Starter Bundle. This bundle was curated by artist Spiros Felonis and features an amazing variety of products that will jumpstart your artistic journey. Whether you’re a fan of Spiros Felonis or you’re looking to dive into the world of coloured pencils, this bundle is for you! Now is the perfect time to start making the art you have always dreamed of, so don’t miss out on this exclusive and limited edition Coloured Pencil Starter Bundle!

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