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Pencil Favourites Bundle, Fuel Your Creativity

  • Exclusive Bundle - Limited edition set that includes a special thank you packet with an artist print and other swag 
  • Wide Selection of Colours – You’ll get 48 unique shades to create any colour scheme or composition you’d like
  • Acrylic Paint Bundle - Perfect introductory set for anyone interested in painting with acrylics
  • Practical & Portable – Mini sketchbooks are a compact size that makes it easy to create while on the go

Bundle Includes:

  • Professional Coloured Pencils - Set of 48
  • Acrylic Paint & Tool Small Art Set- 19 Pieces
  • Mini Sketchbook, 88 Pages, 9 x 14 cm - Pack of 2
  • Swag Bundle, including a Spiros Felonis print

Discover drawing tools that will elevate your craft with our Spiros Felonis Pencil Favourites Bundle. Our versatile coloured pencils are great for colouring books, drawings, and mixed media designs. The break-resistant cores allow you to layer colours and shade your artwork without having the tips break while you work. These smooth and highly-pigmented pencils make blending, layering, and mixing colours a breeze.

Our Arteza x Spiros Felonis Pencil Favourites Bundle also includes an all-in-one acrylic paint set that is ideal for creating mixed media masterpieces. We’ve included 12 vivid tubes of acrylic paint, a plastic paint palette, a paint knife, a white acrylic pad, a mini storage case, and three paint brushes. Additionally, we’ve included a mini sketchbook and swag, including a Spiros Felonis print. 

Take your craft to the next level with this Pencil Favourites Bundle. Whether your medium of choice is coloured pencils, paint, or you prefer mixed media, this bundle provides precisely what any artist needs to start creating beautiful works of art. See for yourself why artist Spiros Felonis chose these premium Arteza products as their favourites for artwork, and grab this Pencil Favourites Bundle today!

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