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Dual Tip Markers

Dual Tip Markers

Dual Tip Markers

Get the best of both worlds with dual tip markers. These markers allow for a convenient and efficient way to get the artistic perfection you seek. Instead of having to have two separate sets of markers to achieve the correct line thickness, these markers provide two sizes in one in the same colour so you don't have to use multiple markers when drawing or colouring.


What are dual tip markers? These are markers that have one sized tip at one end of the pen and another sized tip at the other end. Depending on the specific marker, one end is usually a large, or thicker style tip made for colouring and filling in a larger space. The other end will be a smaller tip, usually coming in a fine, ultra fine or brush-style tip that's best for precision lines and detailed drawing. Sometimes dual-ended markers will come in two different colours, but most often it will be one colour for each tip style.


How to use the dual tip? Simply uncap the side you need and start drawing, then flip it over when you’re ready to switch! You can draw pictures or write lettering styles with the finer tip on one end of the marker. Once you are done using one end, place the cap securely onto the marker. Next, you can use the other end to fill in any space of your drawing with the same colour, ensuring your picture to be professional and consistent.


Where to buy? When it comes to purchasing art supplies, the options can be a bit overwhelming. has you covered when it comes to buying the best dual tip markers and dual tip marker pens. With a great selection along with great prices, you can be confident in finding the right medium for your next art project.


Let's face it. Finding the perfect art supplies and tools can take quite a while and can take lots of trial and error. Make the process easier by investing in a set of reversible dual tip markers and pens. This way you’ll always have the right marker with the correct tip and colour, and you’ll be saving yourself some room in your art studio by eliminating an entire other set of pens or markers by having two in one.


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