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Craft Acrylic Paint, Vintage Colours, 60ml Bottles - Set of 20

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  • The Perfect Paint for DIYs & Crafts - Use your favourite painting tools to apply these soft-body acrylics in vintage tones to your next project
  • Works on Multiple Surfaces - The exceptional coverage dries quickly and works well on a variety of surfaces like wood, fabric, canvas, ceramics and more
  • Easy-To-Squeeze Bottles - Apply the paint you need to your palette, then snap the lid closed when you’re finished to prevent your paints from drying out

Add a range of unique colours to your next DIY project with high-quality Craft Acrylic Paints. These soft-body paints come in 20 vintage-inspired shades that are stunning on their own or can easily be blended to create custom shades. These acrylic paints also dry quickly so that you’ll be able to layer quickly and dry down matte for a distinctive appearance to anything you create. 


Every 60 ml squeezable bottle of our Crafty Acrylic Paint is non-toxic and can be used on a variety of surfaces from glass to rocks. Since these acrylic paints are so versatile, they are perfect for artists of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you're painting an old vase or taking a rock from your backyard and transforming it into a canvas, these craft acrylic paints are the ideal medium for you. 


Now is the perfect time to start arts and craft projects! Instead of watching your favourite television show again, spend your days crafting one of a kind artwork with this set of 20 Craft Acrylic Paints. Our vintage colours collection of art and craft paints is ideal for anyone looking for new creative activities for themselves, their families, or their students. Order this set of 20 Craft Acrylic Paints to create limitlessly!

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